On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 1)

On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 1)

What does the Prime Minister
know about Love

His mistress imagines many things
beyond expensive gifts and orgasms

She has a career and friends,
just as he has his pompous chums

But in this world, faithfulness is
like a Chick flick, and

His Majesty, the President or Prime Minister
doesn’t deign to watch, because

He has everything novel, and
can click on a chick
like a fine menu,
no truffles of trouble at all
’cause he has a nose for fungi
like himself

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 1)

  1. Real love is very rare these days it seems. “But in this world, faithfulness is like a Chick flick” Sadly that seems to be true…I’d rather be lonely all the time than to be in love with someone who was sneaking around behind my back. Still waiting, still lonely. I read a little bit about the Prime Minister affair but I don’t follow celebrity gossip too closely, even if it is about presidents and leaders. The nose for fungi made me giggle a little…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I lost track of who’s who. There were several scandals recently — a Prime Minister, a President, and a Banker, but alas no candle stick maker. It appears that in Europe when it comes to people in power it’s considered a ho-hum and not important. In the US it’s a scandal for an hour at least whereas in Europe it’s nothing. (which one was it — I don’t remember) There was a funeral for a French President where the wife and mistress stood side-by-side at the grave — it wasn’t much of a secret.

      1. I guess some women don’t mind if their husband has a mistress, maybe they have someone on the side as well, so they aren’t jealous when their husband wants to give himself to another. But after the funeral is over the wife is a respected widow who will live well the rest of her life on the inheritance from her husband’s will, while the mistress ends up with nothing (well, maybe a broken heart, depending on the situation i suppose).

    2. It is a very odd thing but Albert Einstein who had his mistress and wife at the same dinner table, did, when he had a divorce, agree to give his wife all proceeds from any Nobel Prize that he might get which he did get. And she wisely invested the money and did OK. But his image as the genius with the wild hair was so wrong. Actually, he had everything: lust, love, intelligence, fun, acclaim. So I suppose that all the caricatures were from jealousy. In the old days, the press hid affairs… but apparently it seems, all famous men had mistresses because they could, and not because of any philosophical reason. So it would seem that there would be many very sad women in History who knew famous men and faded away.

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