Nowhere To Linger Anymore (Draft 1)

The End

I am so much at the end of my times
though I wish it were Grand Times
like, you know, for the Universe
or for some seagulls or flowers
that I’ve happened to mention in a crumby essay
about what that they ate in a peck
without regard to me as a benefactor

well, of course, a minor crumb
and an annoying body
to dispose of in a land fill
or cremate.

I always thought
I would have been more.

I always thought I was brilliant
or at least someone

And now
everyone tells me I’m nothing

I think they are right because

There is no evidence of me.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Nowhere To Linger Anymore (Draft 1)

    1. You are brilliant and you are someone very important – to me anyway. This is so sad…but sadly I know the feeling and can relate. I’ve been pretty down myself lately. Don’t ever listen to someone who tells you that you’re nothing. Apparently they don’t have a heart if they could say something like that to someone and i’d much rather be someone with a heart than a cold hateful being that would talk to someone like that. Sending you my hugs and kisses…

      1. Thanks. I need some sort of marketing angle or some famous person endorsing my stuff, because otherwise I really have nothing to offer. I’ve thought of trying to make a big deal about Asperger’s Syndrome but I think that’s been already done. And now I suppose everybody has jumped on that bandwagon. I suppose mostly they’re looking for the few with special powers like the idiot Savants. I don’t have any special powers. So I don’t know how to become a Cause célèbre. I’m only asking for a few billion dollars and once it’s confirmed for real I wouldn’t mind sharing.

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