Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 2)

Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 2)

Berry Christmas baby,
you slay me with
the fruit of your love

I love how you slice open
your package of chocolates
’cause you can see again
secret cherry me
who is a tee hee squiggling
giggling merry me, happy
to see your unpining smile, that
you kissed to me under
the magic Christmas tree
with ornaments and light

Can we now eat our strawberries
just because we are so sweet in berry’lation

Can we celebrate
if we’re born to be eaten

I think so.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 2)

  1. everybody is using berry-licious — I guess it’s too obvious and there are billions of companies and products using that name. So, I had to think of something else.

    1. I like berry’lation even better than berry-licious. It’s berry wonderful, (hehe). This line is kind of odd though, it catches me and makes me think each time i read the poem: ‘Can we celebrate if we’re born to be eaten’ Well in some cases being eaten is not a bad thing (wink & blush, sorry I couldn’t resist!) but i don’t think that’s what you’re talking about…
      I love berries though – speaking of berries, one of my favorite customers (an eightyish year old woman) and I were talking about desserts and the next time she came in she brought me a handwritten recipe (which looks odd in these days of computers and printers) but it’s for Pretzel Salad, I’ve never had it before. You make a crust out of crushed pretzels and some other ingredients, then there’s a layer of some kind of whipped cream/ cream cheese mixture then it’s topped with a strawberries mixture. It looks very berry-licious and i’m sure when i make it I’ll be in berry’lation. I wanted to make it at Christmas but because i had been sick I didn’t get a bunch of the stuff I wanted to do, done. I don’t know why I didn’t see this poem last night, i must not have went back to the reader page after I was replying back to you on my poem. Sorry for the big ‘ol ramble there…

      1. Oh yeah, that line is awkward — I was going to do something else or clarify or something. Strawberries in cream with a pretzel pie crust sounds like it should be good.

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