Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 1)

Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 1)

Berry Christmas baby,
you slay me with
the fruit of your love

I love how you slice open
your package of chocolates
’cause you can see again
secret cherry me
who is a tee hee squiggling
giggling merry me, happy
to see your unpining smile, that
you kissed to me under
the magic Christmas tree
with ornaments and light

Can we now eat our strawberries
just because we are so sweet and berry-licious

Can we celebrate
if we are born to be eaten

I think so.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Your Laugh At Christmas (Draft 1)

  1. What a delicious Christmas poem – Berry Christmas Baby! I love it. Yummy cherries and strawberries…I love the berry-licious and magical Christmas tree. Every year for as long as I can remember my grandmother gives me a box of chocolate covered cherries…speaking of her…i have to finish getting ready to go…i’m going to be late!

    1. That’s great, that’s perfect. I could never understand why my mother had to eat her way through a box of chocolates just to find the one with the cherry. I remember telling her there was a squiggle code that told you which one had the cherry. But she preferred to complain. And I could never understand why nobody in my family knew that there was such a thing as a box of chocolate covered cherries only. Good to see that somebody knows.

      1. Hmmm…well eating a box of chocolates isn’t exactly a horrible thing but it’s one of those things that people sometimes feel guilty about because it’s not very healthy. Maybe her complaining was more like an excuse of sorts, you know, because she needed to find that chocolate covered cherry even if it took eating the whole box. But your squiggle code idea is a good one because the chocolate covered cherries did always have a nice little squiggle/drizzle of chocolate on the top.
        Grandma didn’t get me a box this year…actually now that I’m thinking about it the last couple years she just gets everyone a tin of popcorn instead of buying us the different types of chocolates. We had a good time, it was great getting to see my family again. Hope you had a great Christmas!

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