Nothing Special (Draft, like you know, 1, sort of, or whatever)

Nothing Special To Say About Like You Know (Draft, like 1, sort of)

Damn yeah, I know

Like, you’re not
saying anything

You know, y’know,
the solar flare is coming

While you’re in sequestration
I’m taking a siesta, ’cause

you never bothered to explain
in the detail of a relationship
with what you think
is verbosity but is just
the articulation of fun
if you’d take the time
y’know with your naked ears
and hands free from texting

But whatever,
the solar flare is coming,
and the end of the world
technically, with a shutdown
of all electrical devices

So, so, so?
I guess you didn’t notice
I’ve long gone to the bunker
with Alice

Ha! Whatever.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Nothing Special (Draft, like you know, 1, sort of, or whatever)

  1. Cell phones are just like so cool! (i’m being sarcastic)
    I never really got it…seems like everyone is more into their phones than the people they’re actually spending time with. If someone can’t be bothered to pay attention to the person they’re with, then why are they even spending the time with them? It’s horrible when you see a couple out to dinner and both of them are on their phones not even paying attention to one another…

    1. Yes, I’ve seen that — it’s ridiculous. This cell phone age is nuts. I was waking along innocently when someone said, “Hello, Good Morning.” So I said, “Good Morning.” And they replied angrily, “I’m on the phone!” And they acted like they were in a phone booth that I had intruded in.

      1. That’s really rude, it’s not like they were somewhere private. The bluetooth headset things drive me nuts. I never realize the person is on the phone. Yeah, this cell phone age is nuts. I really don’t see how everyone has so much to say to so many different people. I guess they’re just social butterflies. But I guess I should start trying to be more like them because they never sit at home alone on a Saturday night and seem to have romantic interests just lined up and waiting. I just got a new phone. My contract with verizon was finally over so I switched to this newer company called Zact. I even got to keep my old number. It’s probably only going to cost me about 20.00 a month when I was paying 72.00 with verizon. That was my birthday/Christmas present to myself.

    2. Hooray, every butterfly needs a new phone. I don’t know but from the half of the conversations that I hear from the walking chattering faux-literati-boxes of wanna-be reality-TV gossips walking down the street, oblivious to the real-real reality, I don’t think either party to the conversation is profound enough to promote world peace or make a better pizza.

      1. (giggling) Your reply was great…well I suppose it would be a shame to ruin my ability to promote peace or make a good pizza (and i make a pretty delicious pizza if I do say so myself).

  2. Oh the solar flare part reminds me of that weird dream I had…the one where the planes fell. A lot of times dreams seem to phase out of memory after awhile…but not that one, i still remember it as if i just had it. I’ve had a few more weird ones like that.

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