Playing Around (Draft 2)

Playing Around (Draft 2)

Don’t worry Sandy Babe
about playing around.

(Haven’t been to school so…)
You know I have to play, and
can’t take the geetar to a seminar —

y’know, just t’ the honky-tonk only
and y’know I wouldn’t fool around
with the bar girls; no just take a few
peanuts from a counter and wouldn’t
get my gherkin in a pickle, or
drop a geetar pick in the wrong place

You know I have to play, and
can’t take the geetar to a seminar —
Don’t know nothing about hoity-culture
or haute cuisine so y’know maybe

I could still love you even if I still
knock grits on the floor
and spill beer in the garden

don’t know if you could school me babe
’cause schooling’s not my thing
can’t play my geetar at the seminar

You know the honk-tonk
pays me in gherkins and peanuts
and I have to play around —
no not that — wouldn’t ever
twist myself into a pretzel of lies

maybe we could be cooking
and water the garden with love

maybe I’d put on a tie
and play my guitar for you
like I’ve been to school
though mums the word

You know I have to play, and
can’t take the guitar to a seminar,
but we could learn a new song together
under the moon light with whiskey,
a beer, and a chrysandymum’s rose

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Playing Around (Draft 2)

  1. I like the addition of Sandy, it goes nicely with the chrysandymum. Some whiskey actually sounds kind of nice. I haven’t had a single drink since July when I was on vacation…i bet after two drinks i’d be a giggly mess. Speaking of whiskey…I had a dream not long ago that I took a shot of whiskey and it tasted like vanilla extract, you know like you use in cookies. (weird huh?)

    1. Thanks. I think maybe I write better after a drink because I’m normally very inhibited — I’m often surprised how daring I was in my writing and can usually edit it into something the day after. But I was becoming an elephant — gained 30 pounds — and couldn’t figure out what I was eating that had so many calories and then I realized that for one that beer has billions of calories. So I cut out the beer and went to hard liquor but now I looked that up and generally it has about 90 calories per ounce and I probably have at least 4 in a day… but writing is so much less painful with it — I don’t worry about if it’s good or not: I just write as notions come to me. Oh and
          vanilla extract has a lot of alcohol in it, though in cooking you usually use a teaspoon or less but an ounce of it would be potent if drunk raw. Yeah maybe you want to have your cookies and drink them too — that is to satisfy several hungers all at once in a relaxed way and feeling satisfied…

      1. hmmm…you know, I used to write a lot more when I drank more often. Maybe I need to take up drinking again – just not too often or too much (I don’t want to get too drunk and embarrass myself or black out). I’ve quit drinking unless it’s social…the thing is, i’m not very social anymore. I never go out and do anything…most of my friends are married and it’s easy to be excluded when you’re single…you know, couples like to do things with other couples. I hate going to bars or to watch bands play by myself. Oh but anyway, when i quit drinking a couple years ago i lost 27 pounds! I think on top of the extra calories it slows the metabolism down…and i had the bad habit of eating late at night so i wouldn’t be sick. mmm drinking cookies, i’ve had a thing with vanilla stuff lately. I just finished eating some vanilla yogurt because i needed food with my medicine…

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