Planting (Draft 1)

Planting (Draft 1)

I’m not very adept at growing things, but
there is a secret that I like colors
and sometimes

the flowers that I have given away,
I would have preferred to keep for myself

But still, I can watch you appreciate
things that blossom even though
I could never figure out how
to plant a seed because
I am mostly horn and not petal,
mostly a rhinoceros in the garden

But to be preposterously bent,
if you’d be my gorgeous flower
I could be your endower

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Planting (Draft 1)

    1. I like the way the word ‘rhinoceros’ sounds with ‘preposterously’ in the next line. This made me think of the geraniums – they’re still blooming in my garage! Oh, I like you and your horn…i’d be your flower anytime.

      1. Wow, miracle geraniums still. Hmm, maybe car horns are making it grow. I hope there’s a miracle for you too. Although according to the nursery rhyme, you have to be careful with horns:
        Little boy blue
        come blow your horn —
        the sheep’s in the meadow,
        the cow’s in the corn

        Oh, do cows eat corn. Yeah I guess they would but at least they’d scare away the crows. Oh yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking: they brag about “corn fed cattle and how good it tastes.” Maybe Little Boy Blue was trying to raise free-range free-corn cattle along with the free-range chickens instead of feeding them indoors.

  1. Yep, the geraniums are still blooming. The leaves are looking a little lighter green but the blooms still look pretty. I always liked the boy blue rhyme…but i’ve always wondered why he was blue. Maybe he needs someone to cheer him up? Maybe he’d like someone to help him keep those crazy cows and sheep in line…it sounds like they are getting into everything. But I guess the horn does still sound beautiful when it’s playing the blues. I wonder if boy blue’s music made his free range cows and free-range chickens produce higher quality milk and eggs? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t feed them gummy bears like those one farmers did when there had been a drought and corn was expensive.

    1. Hmm, they keep the cows out of the corn field and then they harvest the corn and send it to a processing plant and then send it back again as feed for the cows. Maybe they should teach the cows how to pick an ear of corn, unwrap it, and cook it over a camp fire. Doesn’t that rhyme say that “the cow jumped over the moon.” If they could do that, they certainly could learn to cook. Oh, I had forgotten about that story where they were feeding the cows left-over candy. Hmm, I wonder if cows would eat left-over geranium flowers? Or chrysanthemums…

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