The Twirl (Draft 1)

The Twirl (Draft 1)

I lost her in the tornado;
now I’m lonely, twisted and cold

been lost before though

been waiting for her to fall from the sky;
you can’t tell me that she can’t fly

I lost her in the tornado;
now I’m twisted up in a knot

Been spun though before and
been waiting; been waiting so long
longing her in my storminess

Lost her in a twister
been waiting for her to fall from the sky

I may be twisted but
you can’t tell me she can’t fly

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “The Twirl (Draft 1)

    1. Self-Flying would make things so much easier, more casual. Booking flights and hotel rooms is so much more complicated and expensive and making arrangements is so stressful that it overwhelms the short time one is able to visit somewhere. Flying on a whim would be nice… that’s the one thing I’d want most if I had millions of dollars: to have other people make all the arrangements and then I could just arrive places and enjoy… the problem and paradox is that to become a millionaire, one has to know how to make arrangements gracefully or if you’re going to stay eccentric you have to invent something or write something extraordinary that becomes famous and makes lots of money without requiring charisma. That’s rare.

      1. Oh yeah, it would be easier, I think it’d be pretty exciting too. But I remember trying to pick a hotel for our vacation to Myrtle beach, it was so hard to choose and i spent at least a month trying to decide (by that time all the discount deals on rooms were gone because it was too close to trip time). Geez, i must sound like like a mess – i can be so indecisive sometimes, I really need someone to make those types of decisions for me. Actually I need to hurry up and become a millionaire so I can travel to new exciting places, like this hotel in the Arctic circle where you can sleep in glass igloos under the northern lights…that sounds amazing.

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