Reading Orange Leaves (Draft 1)

Reading Orange Leaves (draft 1)

I have the hunger and growl of the bear,
but I don’t look kindly at the winter.

She was reading in the park
with a glance to the autumn sky
as she turned a page, barely noticing anything

I watched a turned leaf fly that windy dappled day
and it hit her in the head. I said
are you OK because
even such a gentle thing as a leaf
startled her, and she said

I’m just reading in autumn, but then
many leaves landed like bookmarks, and in the pause
autumn made her look up at me as
I helped her clean her book:
leaves in the leaves, a little silly

It was glorious as if laughter were a future,
and as if for the winter
she would hibernate with the bear.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Reading Orange Leaves (Draft 1)

  1. Oh, well good luck…I suppose I need to start searching for a bear to hibernate with. I have a bear sized hunger and i don’t think the winter is going to get any warmer…

    1. Oh well, I guess I got my seasons mixed up. I was hibernating all Summer because I couldn’t get going on anything. And now I’m just yawning and by the time I wake up it’s going to be real cold. I only just finished rating my poems, sort of, and now I have to start pasting them in some order into my new book. But I just feel like going back to sleep. Oh well, theoretically, I could go to Australia or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere where they are starting their Summer. Hmm, I wonder what happens when they move a bear to a zoo in Australia — it must be very confusing.

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