Blossom (Draft 1)

Blossom (Draft 1)

Oh I sent her a plant
as if my love could infiltrate by flora
and I thought:

when the blossoms would open
she would think of me as beautiful

Not that I’m handsome, but
I have an essence
I could share, probably.

I suppose I’m a little less than perfect
maybe a little quirky, but

when I stand on the stage to read
she is the only one in the audience
whose clap I want to hear, and

if there be a heckler
I will hear her laughter, and
I will smile and think

yes I know someone
who loves me always

and the edits will be easy
so much so that
I will love the hecklers too
but not so much as the flower

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Blossom (Draft 1)

  1. I love the new poem! “as if my love could infiltrate by flora” made me smile and so did the “less than perfect maybe a little quirky”. I never understand hecklers…why go somewhere with the intent to just to be mean to someone? But I do like your ending lines a lot…it’s nice that you could love the hecklers too. Anyway, I think you are as beautiful as the blossoms.

    1. Thanks very much. It’s been a long time, but I think I should try the poetry slam thing again and this time not care and just try to talk to people afterwards. I only get to read once and then if I don’t get a good score I don’t get to read in the second round. But they choose at random from the audience who wants to be a judge so it’s very random and arbitrary. For awhile they were doing all these vulgar cursing hip hop poems so I composed a hip hop sort of thing, but when I showed up they were doing romantic traditional kind of poetry and so I was out of place again. Anyway, that was years ago and so now maybe I’ll just do whatever I want and take my chances — I’ve never gotten to the second round anyway, and I suppose I need to practice my stage presence — I was always very nervous. I suppose if I don’t care anymore, and just want to hang out, I’ll do better.

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