They Are Taking My Baby (Draft 1)

They Are Taking My Baby (Draft 1)

They are taking my baby away
because he has Neanderthal genes

Yes I know as a surrogate
I signed something
but I love him

They extracted some
Neanderthal DNA
from ancient bones
and were so ecstatic about
rejuvenating history that
they thought that
genes were more important
than the growing of love

I love him
and don’t care
what genes make him not my baby

Never will I give him up
even if I agreed to
a mad experiment

I don’t care at all
about science

I love him.

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “They Are Taking My Baby (Draft 1)

  1. I love it! That’s exactly what I would be like if i happened to sign up to be a surrogate. I’m glad you didn’t think my comment was too weird. After I replied I thought “oh my gosh, he’s gonna think i’m really odd…i should probably censor myself a little more thoroughly” but I see from your poem that you understood what I was saying and didn’t think i was entirely bonkers or anything for imagining such a scenario. But really, when a tiny someone grows inside your body for 9 months there is (should be) love and a bond that grows too even if the DNA is different.

    1. Thanks. Yes, there have been major problems with surrogate mothers even though they agreed to it for various reasons, and that’s why they try to take the baby away immediately after birth. From what I’ve read it’s never an easy thing. The only one that seemed to go well was when they gave hormones to an older woman so she could carry a baby for her daughter whose womb was destroyed by cancer or some other problem. She was glad to carry her granddaughter and give it to her daughter at birth. The whole family love continued throughout the process.

      1. I heard about that woman who carried her granddaughter…she sounds absolutely wonderful…what a precious gift for her daughter. I bet they are a really close knit family. I think that would probably be a little easier though, because she still gets to be close to and see her granddaughter.

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