Who Is Human

Who Is Human (Draft 1)

Whoa, hold on just a second:
this is no trivial thing

Analysis of genomes says
there was sex between
the pompous “modern” humans
Neanderthals, Denisovans, and
beautiful babies were born

Did you not say that
a “species” was defined by
anyone able to interbreed
and produce fertile babies

Did you not say that
a subspecies was
synonymous with “race”.

We Neanderthal
demand an apology
because if we
are of your species
then we are
of equal intelligence on average
and as a subspecies or race
we potentially are sapiens

Beyond the many ancient wars
some of our lovers and protesters
were wise

It is you who were war-like
and unloving

If we interbred with you
who call yourself wise
it was from love
and not from war

We are a subspecies
of Homo Sapiens sapiens
and so our Neanderthal race
will now celebrate
our place in history
as struggling wise wanderers.

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Who Is Human

  1. http://www.nature.com/news/mystery-humans-spiced-up-ancients-sex-lives-1.14196

    Oh gee, now I’m totally mixed up. When I was growing up it was an easy distinction: various creatures might have desires but they could not have offspring if they were of a different species. No human (however disgusting it might seem) could have sex with any creature and produce an offspring because the number of chromosomes were different or whatever. There were never any offspring resulting from matings of Chimps and people and gorillas or whatever. The species division was clear: no viable offspring. If the proto-humans were not of our species they should not have been able to produce offspring with humans who were of a different species. So what are these “interbreeding” reports supposed to mean? Do these ancient proto-humans belong to our species or not? There are lots or people today who without an education would seem proto-human but they are not. The ancients had no education because learning had just begun. Maybe they were very smart but there were no schools.

  2. Good point…if they were a different species then they shouldn’t have been able to have babies together. I’m not sure where the whole assumption that neaderthals weren’t intelligent even came from. It’s not like anyone ever tested a neanderthal (since there were no schools). A while ago we were talking about it at work because i’d read an article where they were thinking of finding a surrogate mother to carry a neanderthal baby that the scientists were going to make in a lab. I remember joking around and saying that i’d always thought i’d have another baby so i should just sign up for the job. Of course then we started talking about how the scientists would want to take it away and do tests on it and all sorts of awful stuff and i realized i’d probably end up in a fight with a scientist for trying to take my baby. BUT one of my most important thoughts on the subject was, what if it could do things average humans can not, like moving things with its mind or starting fires or something. I once read that their vocal chords were different so they may not have been able to make some of our modern day vowel sounds…but what if they didn’t need them? What if they were more advanced and could communicate telepathically? Would the scientists feel threatened? They might kill it. I think it’s also horrible to be the only one of your kind…never feeling like you fit in. Dating is hard enough, it’d be even harder if you were the only one of your kind. Of course, apparently they weren’t picky about who they bred with according to this article…
    “It is you who were war-like
    and unloving

    If we interbred with you
    who call yourself wise
    it was from love
    and not from war”
    Those lines sound very wise to me…I like your new poem…i was starting to wonder if you were ok, you disappeared for a few days.

    Oh look i found another article:


    1. “What if they were more advanced and could communicate telepathically?”

      Yeah, I’ve thought of that and I’m thinking maybe we’ve gone backwards and that early man communicated that way. That method is subtle and requires silence and a safe place for meditation. I think that is key: having a place to feel safe and then one can lie down and not expecting attack, open up to the truth of the universe uncontaminated.

      1. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Things can be lost as well as gained during the process of evolution. I keep wondering about the other ‘mystery humans’ now that i read that article. Oh, your ending sentence there is beautiful and poetic…just thought i’d let you know.

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