Unicorn (Revised)

Unicorn(revised) (R7+ )

The last of the unicorns, she is mourning corny
and the myth of herself, looking at the protrusion
that would seem so merely Cyranoian, but she
without sword stirs half a lemon
in a tea brewed with tendrils of
boiling horniness and musical mist

She yearns to scream a redeemed love
full throated with soothing lozenge
that is a little sour treat with fickle silliness,
yearns to leap in circles like
there is no tale end and as if
her fickle tail catches star-giggles that
circulate like the blood of the universe
so that, with abandon and freedom
all could take heart and throb
like we could trumpet a mist
and flower like a noisy bouquet
on the horns of symphony

The last of the unicorns, she is stirring,
composing a tale with her tail

in the night sky
a horn

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Unicorn (Revised)

  1. I like all the changes…the star-giggles has a nice sound and i like the new ending lines. “composing a tale with her tail” has a nice ring to it. I recently saw a little comic that had a unicorn lying on a couch with a psychiatrist sitting beside it saying “you have to believe in yourself”. Poor unicorn, i guess when no one else believes in you it makes it even harder to believe in yourself…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, that’s a really funny cartoon. Heard this one:
      Q. How does a psychiatrist screw in a light bulb?
      A. He withdraws treatment and it screws itself up.

      Oh I heard people are cheating and they’re making goats with one horn… I didn’t see the details. But if that’s true I don’t think it really counts…

      1. (giggling) that’s funny too.
        Yeah, that is cheating…goats can’t be unicorns! It’s just not the same…so i don’t think it really counts either. Although goats can be cute in their own ways. We went to the zoo last summer and there was a bunch of baby pygmy goats in the petting zoo area. My son was sitting on the ground playing with them, they were climbing on him and snuggling against him and chewing on his shoes…it was pretty cute. Oh, I read an article where they recently caught a photo of the rare Chinese Unicorn, have you seen that? I think it looks more like a deer though…

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