Alice’s Euro Dream (Draft 2)

Alice’s Euro Dream (Draft 2) (R7+ )

Alice’s Euro Dream

by “Alice”

Impressed in my dreams
pressing matters,
stamens of red saffron
pressings of oil and olive trees,
a message from Archemedes
who indeed, though hard to see,
ran from Marathon to Brussels
and popped out of a cake.

He was chewing mast gum
from the island of Chios
made a wise crack proposal:

“Let us escape a faux pas, and have
no hurry to a Massacre-Euro decline
twilight glow of the drachma, so

let my people build into your billing benign
an olive-oil pipeline, many gods willing.”

With steel pipe and pumps pleasing
it progressed through Greece very well, just

shooting along Albania new
under the sea to the Boot, but
then a nasty dispute:

Italy wanted an expanded pipeline
made of tubular pasta renewable
to carry cannolis and a tomato paste –
a mere steel pipeline through Italy
just would not do.

They built a pipeline
made of fried pasta,
all the way to
Brussels Belgium with
so much at stake, but

before it could be turned on
nearly everyone along the way
ate it.

— Douglas Gilbert


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