The End of the World (Revised) R8

The End of the World (revised) (R8 )

An ice cream volcano in Iceland erupted.
Nobody knows why, but hordes
brought spoons and whipped cream
’cause they all know
free ice cream rules, but

machetes on sugar cane
aren’t needed anymore with many
confectionery states going bankrupt
but if anyone fears the beans
of the vanilla, fears the seeds
of the strawberry and a new flavor
with swirls and sprinkles, fear not

because all can look
to the skies with glee
to hear honey bees buzz,
and know

unidentified flying cows have been seen,
their moo’s seeming mournfully sung, but
when their guffaws blow out of ice cream cones
the walls near blueberry fields will fall
and pistachios will be unshelled

Oh have you not seen
there is no more shelling
and I hear the trumpets triumphant

Oh glory be the syrupy dawn
the caves are full of chocolate.

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “The End of the World (Revised) R8

  1. mmm ice cream and pistachio and blueberries and all sorts of deliciousness. I guess if the world had to end then this would be a tasty way for it to happen. Someone needs to get those cows to file the correct paperwork for flying IDs…I wonder if there’s a test they would have to take? I always liked the ending two lines…

    1. Thanks. Yes, they give their hoof prints and they give them an engraved cow bell. The bovine aerodynamics are quite different, so it’s a difficult course. Yes, didn’t know where it would go and was so glad the last two lines sort of popped up out of nowhere.

  2. bovine aerodynamics made me giggle…i wonder if they ever take a passenger into the air with them. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to jump over the mood on a cow like in the nursery rhyme…

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