Come Cry With Me (Revised) (R8)

Come Cry With Me (R8 )

If this be the day
of shelter, I am joy;

If you are here
with me in spirit
do not be so subtle
’cause I will believe
and listen to whispers
in the wisps of dreams

Oh yes,
come tomorrow
in the light

I have waited forever.
Be with me and
I will love you so.

I have a kiss for you.
Come get it.

I will be kind to spirits.
All I ever wanted was
a picnic with you.

I promise no rain will fall
on us much more than
to hide tears, because
I want you to know
you are joy, and I
have a sandwich
to sandwich us
to be tasty

We will spread out
on the meadow, and
if there be rain
we will run inside
and laugh
as the giggles pour on the roof
and you show me heaven.

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Come Cry With Me (Revised) (R8)

  1. I always liked this one a lot too. Of course, i think i like everything you’ve ever written. But even though i’m not a ghost I think a picnic with you would be nice and i love the ‘I have a sandwich to sandwich us to be tasty’.

    1. Thanks. This is kind of vague and tricky. I’m not sure if I should add more details. Maybe the one line “I will be kind to spirits,” that I added after the first draft is a sufficient clue. It wasn’t clear who she was in the first draft I think. But then on the other hand, if I started giving details, I’d have to describe specific details for transition, or procedures, which probably would ruin the mood. But then on the other hand, it’s a little confusing this way but on the other hand… oops that makes three hands — I guess I don’t have enough hands to make a change.

      1. Yeah, i suppose you don’t have the required amount of hands, but i do like the mood of this poem…it feels soft, loving…welcoming, i’d hate to see that ruined. Although, now that you mentioned details for transition or procedures it does make me a little curious. I actually had forgotten to reply back on this but just of the blue i remembered and started wondering what you meant.

    2. Well, it’s just that people who have had near death experiences talk about “going towards the light” and if it’s not their time they’re told they must go back. Their dead loved ones seem to be waiting for them. Gee in some cases it could be a long wait. Then on the other hand there are people who claim that when they die they are in a transition place for a year or so and then they reincarnate so that they’re back on Earth in another body and so are not available for communication anymore. But then there are others who claim there is a “higher self” that is always available…

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