Caponata (Draft 1)

Caponata (Draft 1)

If I could be someone
if I could have some meaning
like eggplant in the sauce, then

I’d need to be coated well
before I can be fried in your love

I could be capable in your capers
to be frisky and crisp if

I had the onions and
you the olive oil

We are cooking
like an antipasto

And doesn’t every great dinner
become dessert

You are too sweet
to need any sugar
except me

— Douglas Gilbert

5 thoughts on “Caponata (Draft 1)

  1. I love it…especially the ending lines. They made me feel all warm and smiley (a good way to start the day). You are the only sugar i need, sweetness. But i like the sound of 'capable in your capers' and 'doesn’t every great dinner become dessert'. I was actually looking up recipes after you mentioned caponata yesterday. I found a couple with no tomato (or so little tomato i don't think it would hurt to omit it). I'd love to try it sometime…but anyway, this is a wonderful poem.

    1. eek…somehow my whole comment came out boldly when i only meant for the word ‘are’ to come out in bold. I don’t know what i did wrong? Sorry about that…

      1. Oh good…you fixed it. My comment looked so funny all in bold like that. I must’ve forgotten that last bracket. I knew there was supposed to be one…because every time i want to bold letter something I go back to my ‘in a tree with Doug’ post where you first taught me to do that to refresh my memory…

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