Cook Book (Draft 1)

Cook Book (Draft 1)

I’m trying to be a shooting star in some quadrant of the sky
where she looks and dreams of me, and
finds me in my favorite coffee shop. Despite
me being startled and knocking over my coffee,
she smiles when I touch her hand, and
I watch her finish a morsel of food
as if it were me and she says don’t worry.

I bought a cook book
and invited her over
And I loved when I made her apple pie
even though I prefer cherry and peach
just because she noticed my cinnamon

and she wanted to teach me
how to bake love

so I so much wanted
her to be the chef
if we could cook together.

But I don’t mind, because
we are both taking off our hats
and stirring thoroughly in the nude sauce
helping each other crush
the spices in a giant vat with
our bodies letting juices ferment

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Cook Book (Draft 1)

  1. ahh..very spicey. I love apple pie especially with whipped cream or ice cream. Cinnamon is delicious. Baking with love just happens to be one of my specialties too…it doesn’t matter what dish it is – it’ll become magical with love. I’m a little confused by the tenses in this, it starts out in a present tense, ‘i’m trying to be’ then moves to past tense ‘i bought’ ‘and invited’ and then moves back to present tense in the end. But it’s a good poem as always. Reminds me that i need a cooking partner in real life at some point very soon…i should probably start searching again.

    1. Thanks, that’s very helpful — I see what you mean… Well, yeah probably you should start searching again, … but maybe you’d find this weird but I feel jealous already… sorry, I live so much in imagination…

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