Dahlia (R 9)

Dahlia (R9)

Success is exciting to share,
newest growth of blossom from afar

I love translating her messages when I wake up in a foreign land:
she said her newest Dahlia flower was so pretty in the morning,
my favorite blue sky color in the background, and I thought

she’s so pretty in the morning if she swirls around the innermost petals,
has an epiphany about the yellow middle of a Dahlia sun, and if
while I’m away, she takes a soapy long shower, listens
to the birds I’ve sent to chatter with her until I’m back,
pampers herself like she deserves, puts on some makeup,
looks at herself in the mirror and thinks of me as present
in the chirpy birds and wavy flowers of the day, or
at least I imagine she’s an extrapolation-ist, because
I imagine much about soft things and I think she knows
that certain bees don’t sting if I sent them

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Dahlia (R 9)

  1. I love this one so much…reminds me of the beautiful summer day when my dahlia made a lovely bloom just for you. Gosh, i wish it were summer again…i miss the chatter of my goldfinches, it’s lonesome without their po-ta-to chip calls. It’s also a lot easier to feel optimistic about one’s extrapolations on a warm summer day. But i always like what you imagine…
    Oh guess what!? I installed a new shower head in my bathroom (all by myself!). The old one’s water pressure wasn’t strong enough to effectively rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of this mess of thick curls that i have. I had to stand there forever and that isn’t really saving water if my shower takes twice as long as it should. The new one has a couple different settings and a second shower head that’s on a handle that will help me even more with rinsing my hair. But anyway, it’s feels good and i’m kinda proud that i did it and i didn’t tear up the house’s plumbing or anything in the process (hehe).

    1. Hooray, hooray, a shower head that works. These idiots with their save water fanaticism that intimidate politicians to require save water shower heads that don’t work and require you to stay three times as long to do normal things and ultimately save no water at a minimum, should be eligible for the death penalty. I used to take real showers with glory and force and now there is a pusillanimous dusting of mist

  2. “pusillanimous dusting of mist” That made me giggle…but it is totally ridiculous to stand in the shower three times longer than you would’ve. hmm…maybe it would be a good idea for couples to just share shower time…you know, to reduce water-wasting and all. Seems like a fun way to save the environment to me. That’s odd. For some reason the spelling of the word environment looks really weird. Spell check says it’s right but it looks completely off to me…maybe i’m forgetting how to spell now?

    1. Yes, it’s rare to have two consonants, nm, together and you have to hum with the ‘un’ and pause to get to the ‘ment”. I suppose the more usual would be something like environiment. Oh, I guess that theory doesn’t work because I’m thinking of curtain. So sometimes those consonant devils meet.
          Washing someone with soap and sudsing them up in the shower is so exciting but I remember I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to faint…. I don’t remember wanting to be clean… and she looked so good in soap suds…

      1. Yeah, it’s been a while but I remember that I loved the feel of his wet skin and the way the water beaded up at his collarbone, then rolled down his chest and over his stomach…

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