Imaginary Songs (R 8)

Imaginary Songs (R 😎

I don’t know why the frog imagines it can sing like a bird –
too ambitious, and I don’t know why

the bird imagines it can catch flies
as well as a long-tongued frog

It seems like they’d
rather speak if they could
than eat worms and flies
because one endures a swampy storm in the sky
with flying tornado hamburgers, and

the other awaits a flying chocolate-ant optimism
about flying lily pad carpets

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Imaginary Songs (R 8)

  1. I think the bird and frog would rather speak too. Worms and flies don’t sound very delicious to me but i suppose to the birds and frogs they’re good…I like the flying tornado hamburgers and flying chocolate-ant optimism and flying lily pad carpets, they all sound good together. It would be awesome to see a frog flying on a lily pad…

    p.s. You made a little sunglasses face up there with your 8 rating…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, the smiley face: that’s what I get for giving it an eight minus rating right up against the right parenthesis. I guess I’d have to move parenthesis one space over. ( 😎 or (8- ) or … Or upgrade it to 8.

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