Laryngitis (draft 1)


As they say, “dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

I went with laryngitis to a funeral with cue cards
that I bought that were supposed to be comprehensive

But I got the order of the cards all wrong

“It was such a senseless death.”
She was beloved and helped
every high soul that we all are
when we have soared in our freedom bird
and flapped all our flights of feather
fluffy things warm and complicated.

So I held up my card that
said Hooray and I meant to say
most respectfully
I love you, and
I am flooded with tears, but
I don’t have a card for that

I raise my protest sign
“Oh God, how could you take her?
I object under penalty of hell, but
I protest: she is too good to go”

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Laryngitis (draft 1)

  1. hmm…yeah store bought cue cards might seem insensitive at something as serious as a funeral since they’re so limited on what you can say. It might work better if you were to make your own with heartfelt thoughts. I don’t remember if i’ve ever had laryngitis. If i have it’s been a long time…i usually catch strep throat pretty easily though. It’s no fun…Neither are funerals, i think i could go to a complete stranger’s funeral and i would cry my eyes out as if they were my best friend. Death is so final…and it means there’s no time left for all the things you wanted and hoped for in life but never got to experience, like real romantic-type love or a respectful job/life. I get depressed just thinking about it…

    1. I think I cry more easily for a stranger. They usually talk about miracle treatments and such. But I remember seeing the previous King of Jordan coming to the US for cancer treatment and they examined him and turned him away saying they could not help him. And they showed him flying back to his country to die. And there he was coming off the plane to go home and you could watch him and you knew where he was going….He had the money and influence to get the latest and best treatment but there was nothing for him and he was sent away —

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