Broken Dark Things (r 8-)

Broken Dark Things (R8-)

I know you’ve been seeing
that flashy vile thing:
he’s a rag on the road, and I’ve
got a fine ramming car.

Fast, fast, fast.
Dead, dead, dead.
Yeah, over the edge, woman.

Oh you dirty down broken woman
you betrayed me so bad
made me cry so hard, oh damn

hell I broke my only hope cup
smashed it in shaving mirror
’cause I’m looking at ugly

gonna get that vile thing
you’ve been seeing, even
if it’s fine looking to you

oh hell breaking, can’t be braking
for no cliff

and I’ll be racing to throw that
dead damn bloody rag over the edge

Hell broke my only hope cup
dark whisker shadows
looking ugly, and gonna
ram it ugly, uh, you know what

it must be hell’s whisker shadows
if you’d laugh with another damn
broken down vile thing

it’s gonna die, broken woman…hey;
know what I mean?

Oh you pretty bitty broken woman
you betrayed me so badly
made me cry so hard, oh damn

hell I broke my only hope cup

hell you don’t know no better
than be broken and so am I
broken and betrayed many times

Gonna get that vile handsome rag
you patch on yourself
all hot and dirty

Oh you dirty down broken woman
you betrayed me so bad
made cry so hard, oh damn

yeah, OK, broken woman
go fix yourself
with that vile thing

yeah if that’s your thing

Hell I’m going to Shardsville,
know a woman who’ll
put me in stitches
knows the joke
about being broke

oh broken hearted woman
go fix yourself

I’m going away
to mend myself in Shardsville
where crying is beautiful
and a cup of love is free

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Broken Dark Things (r 8-)

  1. This one makes me sad…being betrayed feels horrible but I bet she left him and didn’t look back when she realized you were upset, even if it was just a maybe/slight chance that you might want her…
    You’re so good at writing emotionally in every type of emotion. I think i have trouble expressing certain emotions, like betrayals or anger. I tend to bottle it up somewhat because i’m not sure what else to do with it. But anytime you’d like a cup of love come on over, I have plenty here for you…

    1. Thanks. I do a lot better at writing emotions than at having or expressing them. Maybe I should have flash cards — I could hold them up: I feel sad, I feel happy. I think I need cards because my facial expressions are usually muted. When I was growing up, I was told “don’t make faces” if my face showed any emotion. I remember once that I was trying to look friendly at a party so I had a smile on my face but when I wandered into a conversation about something tragic, I still had a smile frozen on my face. Gee, that was embarrassing. Yeah, maybe flash cards would be better — yeah, I could say I have Laryngitis. But, of course, if I accidentally got the order wrong, that could be like cheering at a funeral. Hooray, hooray… ooops, sorry, they were telling a football story and I got carried away and then I’d have to kick a grave stone and hurt my foot so I could cry.

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