I Don’t Want To Know (Draft 3)

I Don’t Want To Know (Draft 3)

I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore

I don’t want to know why
you ran out in the snow

Just tell me that you’re safe
and you made it to your refuge
and I can be your rescue if you ask

I can be everything if you’d ask

I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore
because if you go far away

I want you to take my heart
and beat every sorrow down
like we used to do in the grass

Oh you used to love me, and
can you take me as a charm

Be well because always
I love you as you are

and you know dear honey babe
I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore

be well
and think of me in your dreams
because I love you
like I did
and always, but

I want to know
if you love me
like you did, because

I remember you
in the fondness of my dreams

Can you kiss me
can you kiss me

I don’t want to know
if you miss me, because

I miss you so much.

— Douglas Gilbert

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Know (Draft 3)

  1. I love the changes, the end is a perfect compliment to the rest of the poem. I like how you repeated ‘can you kiss me’ and how you added the ‘I want to know’ which is a nice opposite from the rest of the poem where you didn’t want to know. Oh and I liked the addition in ‘like we used to do in the grass’ it sounded good with the ‘ask’ that was several lines before. But anyway I’ve missed you, i was starting to get worried that i’d upset you or that something bad had happened…

    1.     It’s alright: you’re always very fine and I’ve never minded any comment you’ve made. Even if you had a faux pas and tripped and fell on me I’d say don’t worry, it’s only a small bruise and I’d laugh and say yes, I’ve done that too.
          Oh yes, thanks — I was wondering why I liked grass and it sounded nice and I didn’t even notice that it rhymed with “ask”. I was beginning to think I was just imagining that it fit just because I wanted it to work. I was sort of singing along with some unknown melody and I just felt there were missing syllables or something and it seemed good to add a word here and there and somehow they seemed to fit.

      1. Oh good…’cause sometimes I am kind of clumsy and i’ll accidentally walk right into chairs and corners of walls and trip over my own two feet. But other times i’m very graceful so hopefully it all evens out in the end somehow?
        Yeah, the grass does sound good, i bet your melody that you were singing was lovely. I forgot to mention that I liked the dear honey babe too…

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