On Being Done (R8+)

On Being Done

I’m pretty much done
though still rare or raw

Too old
too poor
too ugly

not much to grill, and
it doesn’t seem like
I’m cooking at all

there isn’t anyone
who would listen to my
je ne sais quoi

yeah I know
I keep repeating myself —
I only know a few
silly phrases
and I suppose,
make-believe charm, but

really I think maybe
if I were given a magic wand
I’d use it responsibly
to seem human just for you

Please tell me that
what I feel is right:

You are magical
with barbecue sauce, and

I’m not such a bad chef, because
my onions are sautéed with love

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “On Being Done (R8+)

  1. Not cooking at all? Well i think you’re hot! And i listen to your je ne sais quoi. I love the new ending lines, magical with barbecue sauce made me smile. i think you’re a wonderful chef, your onions are the best ever…(so love is your secret ingredient too?) i love it.

    1. Thanks and I think maybe I’m getting the hang of the metaphor thing — I think maybe I’m getting better at it. Oh phooey I always just get confused looking at “How to Write a Poem” type books and instead I try to feel up a new poem.

      1. Feel up a poem? (hehe) It must be a sexy poem…umm never mind, my mind just went somewhere not really writing related. I think it was the ‘feel up’. Yes, i am silly, but you already know that. I remember your ‘how to write a poem’ post from a long time ago. I think you did a better job than any of the books i ever looked at…

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