Lachrymose (R 8)

Lachrymose (r8+)

Hurrying away from a shiver
she made me feel so cold in insults,
frigid when I rested morose in a sulk

Lying on ice is a chilly bump.

I’m warm when I’m walking
though a storm is stalking, but if
I rest a moment I’ll be cold

Lachrymose skies hover
since she threw me out cold
without my umbrella or razor

A storm is stalking me in her name;
I have no umbrella for shame, no

it’s a shame she never knew me
never knew how poor I was
how rich

I gave her all the grandiose she wanted:
the sunrise, the sunset, the expensive flowers
but she could not embrace a pauper who
might write a frozen poem to be
intentionally defrosted and served
growing lachrymal joy and flowers afield

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Lachrymose (R 8)

  1. I like this one too, even though it’s kinda sad…I don’t want you to feel lachrymose…here, i’ll blow you a kiss, it’ll catch a ride on the wind and be there soon, hopefully. I like the idea of a frozen poem to be intentionally defrosted…ok, i’ll be back later to comment on your other one you posted…i have to leave to pick up the kiddo from school and take him to the eye doctor, time for new glasses.

    1. Thanks. Somehow frozen poems seem better in the oven than in the microwave oven. A gradual warming… I remember how I kept moving from the back of the room to the front of the room to see the blackboard, and then I used to stand up and stand in front of the board to make notes and then finally I got glasses. I can’t imagine that something is not wrong if so many people need glasses. How could the caveman possibly hunt if he couldn’t see what he was after. I’m thinking that this can’t be right if so many people have genes such that during adolescence their eyes go bad. I’m wondering about this: they promote eye glasses as style… I ‘m thinking this is like an epidemic of disease or defect. I don’t see why most people shouldn’t be born able to see for most of their lives. I wonder if they’ve done a study of how many people have worse than 20-40 when they are adults. If the number, let’s say, of people over 21 who are worse than 20-40 is greater than 50% then I’d say that there is a crisis and our genes are somehow corrupted. How could anyone survive before glasses were invented — there couldn’t have been that many blind people throwing spears to eat if they couldn’t see what they were aiming at.

      1. I see what you mean…it would be hard to throw a spear if you couldn’t see, I guess there would’ve been a lot more vegetarian cavemen. Maybe the human race was younger then as a whole? I’ve never needed glasses. I’m slightly far sighted but not enough to bother me. If I read for a really long time I’ll get a headache but the words never look blurry. My son is nearsighted, his left eye is worse than his right eye it has always been worse but about a year ago he had to start wearing glasses all the time. They said that with the glasses he will see 20 – 20, so that’s the important thing i suppose. I’ve always liked how men look in glasses, it gives a distinguished look.
        ugg, i almost burned dinner while I was typing. I had some chicken, potatoes, green peppers and onions in a skillet on the stove and I guess I wasn’t stirring it enough because the bottom got scorched. I was able to salvage it though but putting what wasn’t stuck to the bottom into a pan and I’m finishing the process by baking it now. I’m not used to cooking with the stainless steel skillet. I threw out the non-stick skillets cause they kept getting scratched and it’s supposed to be bad for you if that nonstick lining gets into your food. I should probably go pay attention to dinner before I completely ruin it…

      2. I’m sorry your dinner got scorched. I’ve done that, but sometimes I was able to put a little vinegar in the pan and scrape up some of the black stuff that can be tasty. Yeah, I’ve always had a problem with the non-stick pans because you have to be so careful and I’m not very careful when I’m burning, um, uh, I mean cooking things. Hey yeah: chicken, potatoes, green peppers and onions should be very salvageable and even a little scorch can be good. But anyway, I think stainless steel is probably better and stirring is the secret — many a soul is saved by stirring…

  2. It’s ok, dinner was still good, i guess i caught it before the scorch flavor penetrated the food tooo much. I just now saw this reply. Your burning/cooking things made me giggle. But yeah when frying potatoes the crispy edges are good. A vinegar and water mixture is how I ended up getting the layer of black scorchiness off the bottom of the pan…i boiled it for a minute and it scraped off so much easier.

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