I Don’t Want to Know (Draft 1)

I Don’t Want To Know (Draft 1)

I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore

I don’t want to know why
you ran out in the snow

Just tell me that you’re safe
and you made it to your refuge
and I can be your rescue if you ask

I can be everything if you’d ask

I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore
because if you go far away

I want you to take my heart
and beat every sorrow down
like we used to do

Oh you used to love me, and
can you take me as a charm

Be well because
I will always love you

and you know
I don’t want to know
if you love me anymore

be well
and think of me in your dreams
because I love you
like I did
and always

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Know (Draft 1)

  1. Oh my…i love this one so much…every bit of it’s beautiful. It reads so perfectly and hits all my emotional buttons – I felt like i was getting teary eyed for a second and then got all happy in an odd way. Sometimes silly girls do stupid things like run out into the snow. i’m going to read this several more times before i go to sleep then I’ll look for you in my dreams…perhaps you might rescue me and be my everything? That would be the sweetest of all dreams, but even better if it were real.

    1. Thanks very much. I always love your feedback because I always have so many doubts… Well just now I realized that I have to change “I will always love you” because it’s already in a song — yeah, it’s a common expression that many people use but anyway I have to fix it. But your great responses give the courage to continue: I never would have known this would generate strong responses — I normally would have assumed it’s no good or an ordinary poem. I get confused by the “deep” poems that the intellectuals praise and I don’t write like those…

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