Icebergs (R 8)

Icebergs (R8)

I watch beauty drift away on icebergs
see a doomed survivor last a moment

My thoughts are frozen screams
when my dreams of rescue are futile
and I speak with slow motion cream
like flotsam on foamy white waves

Mostly the chill of my face
is too ugly to observe in person

but in the ice cream of my words
many find cherries and berries, and

I am often delicious by the pint, and
when someone has a “brain freeze”
I giggle a little and think to myself:
if only you knew how slowly I would melt
if you thought I was cool in your arms
and was your precious observant dessert
just a little tart, just a little sweet, and
jumping from icebergs onto your ship

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Icebergs (R 8)

  1. I love this poem! You are always delicious, each word you write is like a poetic delicacy. I love these lines in the ending stanza ‘if only you knew how slowly I would melt if you thought I was cool in your arms’ it makes me feel all warm and smiley and oddly shy for some reason. mmm cherries and berries…

    1. Thanks very much. It is so odd when I read something from a long time ago and I don’t mind that person so much — seems like a decent chap. I think I could be an English bloke and find some equivalent of fish and chips to enjoy. But it is so good that even at the end you can still hear the echo of “cherries and berries.” Yeah, I think that is a good sign. thanks.

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