Separation (Draft 1)

Separation (draft 1)

My reckless dream is unfolding of you
and I know what it’s like to be you
and I like it, oh I like it, because

you are so loving baby, and
you are so grandly in wonder
that I wonder why two can’t
be truly a thunder oneness, and

I wonder, oh I wonder
if you dream like me
in reckless love
as if bliss could be
two of one-derness
but of the duo

— Douglas Gilbert

5 thoughts on “Separation (Draft 1)

  1. Oh I love this one too! What a wonderful day, two new poems by you, it doesn’t get much better than that. This one seems to go with the other new one since it begins with the reckless dream unfolding. You have the connections and separation…I love the way it reads as if you’re talking and I like the way ‘baby’ is used in there, it feels like a conversation. I like the way wonder goes with ‘thunder oneness’ and i love the ‘two of one-derness’. I love your reckless dreaming and i think i do dream like you…

    1. Thanks very much. Yeah, I might be able to combine the two — good idea that you mentioned — … Sometimes I’m reckless and loose with words and it feels good because I’m not often wild in any other way; oh gee that sounds like another poem. Oh yeah, I should be very reckless if the splatter of words can be cleaned up with paper towels…

      1. Yeah, you could combine them or you could keep them as a pair of poems…a duo! Like when an artist does a series where the paintings are similar in some way but still different. I’m sure whatever you decide will turn out perfectly.
        I’m looking for a new washing machine (a cheap one!) The one I’ve had forever finally broke. I’m really not looking forward to lugging clothes to the laundry mat or to my parent’s house so I need to find one soon…Maybe if you make too much of a mess from wild word-splatter and it gets on our clothes we could wash it in my new washing machine…hehe

    2. I hope you find the right washing machine because washing dirty laundry can stir up good memories as long as you’re careful not to launder money.
          Just like children must play in the mud, adults must do word-splatter. I think you can wash it with the gentle cycle, no bleach.

      1. I hope I find the right washing machine too. I’m so indecisive it drives me crazy sometimes…trying to decide on a washer is almost as bad as when i was trying to pick a hotel for vacation a couple years ago. But yes, it must have a gentle cycle, how else will i wash my delicate word-splatter or my dresses, slips and bras?

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