Connections (Draft 1)


Connections, that is the mystery.

It’s hard for me to be comfortable with
something beyond language
and ego-centric understanding, because

feeling is like a loss of self
where the chatter fades, and
control is lost into
starry-eyed observing of one’s own
reckless dream
unfolding as if It were me with bells on,

but I like bells so much that
when you ring me, I can see how
we could put our egos in a blender
and eat chocolate

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Connections (Draft 1)

  1. I love it, every bit of this is great. It is hard to be comfortable with something as uncontrollable and strong as feelings but when you have that intimate mental connection i think it makes it easier because the one you’re connected to understands. I like the ‘starry-eyed observing’ and I like bells too – when you ring for me it’s the sweetest of all music. I like the ‘egos in a blender and eat chocolate’ ending. mmmm…delicious!

    1. Thanks and it is so strange but i laugh when I read it (top secret) and sometimes for a moment I don’t mind if I praise myself because it is so rare and wonderful to enjoy myself as if I were someone. Well, yeah, when I read this it sounds silly, but I don’t mind being a word once in a while like part of a song….

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