Flight Club in Yellow (R7)

Flight Club in Yellow (R7)

Goldfinches were calling
at the flight club

He looked across the sky
and said, “Po-ta-to-chip”

Twitter-twitter warble oh my she sang
and wandered off for sunflower seeds

As the early summer sun turned yellow
he did too, and she would see him again

With a tee-yee he landed, and
soon after mutual
twitter warbles,
there was bliss in a nest

but when there were threats
she reminded the world:
“bay-bee, bay-bee,”

Soon his yellow in flight drew near the nest
and then in a coloratura soprano voice
she greeted him back in festive color

Yellow Summer sun on the nest
raised up the glory of tee-yee,
raised twitter little tweeties

and raised up the glory of
sunflower seeds in yellow
tee-he he-he, tee-he

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Flight Club in Yellow (R7)

  1. I love this poem…you did such a wonderful job incorporating the goldfinch’s chirpy-songs. Twitter, twitter warble….oh my! I haven’t seen my goldfinches lately…I think they may have migrated for the winter. Now there’s a bunch of cute chickadees that come to the thistle seed feeder that the goldfinches liked…

    1. Thanks. Ah the chickadees. I should look for them. I think I mentioned them once in a poem. But anyway, that’s great that you still have many avian visitors.

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