Dreams (R7)

Dreams (R7)

Where has she gone?

I knew her in my dreams, and
she often made appointments
though I awoke before I
could get an address
and I wasn’t sure if
I was kind enough or
just lost in savage lust, but

you know how dreams are wonderful
and I am so perfect there and
so is she

Aren’t we great.
I like to think so, because
when I dream of her
it seems so much like paradise that
I imagine it could be true

Oh but
could no one wake me

Oh let me imagine a sunrise
even if I’m in a cave

Beyond a snore
I am certain I could sing if
I could awaken

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Dreams (R7)

  1. Oh i love this one! Actually i love reading all these poems that I haven’t read in a bit. Dreams can be so wonderful, everything can be so perfect that sometimes I don’t want to even wake up from them. I love the ending of this one – i’m certain your singing will be beautiful.

    1. Thanks. I love the confirmation, so I think I can upgrade this from 7 to 8, but I have to be careful not to make everything go first…

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