Licit (R7)

Licit (R 7)

Riding the day in dreams
brought thoughts of you

I came, away from the ups and downs. Your
door was open that night for me; I peeked
to see you singing to the stars; would’ve …

Your cat said meow and gave me away,
but in your startled sound
I thought I heard ah-hummy-yummy
barely licit

In the day I know you had always
looked for a gaggle of feathered giggles
and nightly I’d imagined I was a star
who’d do a celestial silly take on a gander
playing on heavenly stage too as
the guest Dog Star of Summer

A play to elide
the speech for a murmur

scene one to elicit joy-songs:
jocular tenacity of affections

Act 2, scene X:

for the foxy-ness of you
I undressed from sheep’s clothing
and plunged into the silly seat of
a many mellowed roller coaster

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Licit (R7)

  1. I love this one too! This one seems to make me have naughty thoughts for some reason. I think the “would’ve” at the end of the second stanza makes my mind wonder. I like the ‘hummy-yummy’ and ‘gaggle of feathered giggles’ and ‘celestial silly’ a lot, well actually I like even more but I don’t think i should just keep listing all your wonderful word-play. But i do love the ending stanza with “for the foxy-ness of you I undressed from sheep’s clothing” — you’re foxy too, ya know – very nice thoughts to be thinking about…

    1. That’s good to hear — I wondered if adding the “would’ve” was a good addition. Yeah, I guess I thought the cat stanza was a little abrupt so I suppose it’s a little signal of an interruption about to come.
          I gave it a 7 because it’s a little incoherent (or not). Uh, maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe the “cheat” transitions make it all better. Yeah, maybe that’s why it’s poetry– atmosphere and emotion and not prose-like which would require more coherence… Aaaah phooey, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I guess it’s OK to have different styles. Sometimes I write more like prose with a storyline and sometimes like I knocked over a glass of grape juice and stained the magic carpet so I can’t ride it anymore…

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