Foamy Dream (R 9-)

Foamy Dream (R 9-)

There is an ocean at dawn
that skirts the night tides
crashing swirls and sea birds

There is a froth to morning dreams.

I’ve been staring at foam in my coffee
remembering the ocean starring in ending rain
a conjured dream of frothy us, stars
beneath an oceanic drink of dawn

It was
coffee boiling hot for
the exigency of a dream, and

when from the freezer I plunged
an ice berg scoop of ice cream in it
the titanic foam made giggle bubbles
that speak of the dream when
you laughed your dainty blessing,
so pretty your voice, your smile in
the swirl of your skirt like a current
or maybe I just imagine such formality
like the majestic blue of the ocean at sunrise
because you know I don’t mind your bikini too,
love the virtues of shallow laughter-water,
know that the splash and the play
do pull tides from the deep imagination

I can be hot
to be cool

and we sat on the white sand
under the silly white umbrella we had borrowed
not imagining rain on our white beach, where we thought
if only sunshine would be in the heart then joy rises

for sunrise at the beach is
a glistening foam
silver crests
deep blues
an orange glow
and ice cream foam

and I dream of you
with fireworks in the sky

maybe I imagine love
blue and foamy
silvery crested

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Foamy Dream (R 9-)

  1. Oh, I love this one so very much…the exciting ice cream plunge into the hot coffee, the seabirds, the swirl of skirt and fireworks…I can’t believe you only gave it a rating of 9-…I think it’s a 10+. But of course, i think everything you write is a 10+.

    1. Thanks. Well, it might work out ’cause it could happen that I’ll give nothing a 10 and then if that happens then 9 will become the equivalent to 10. Well, I know how silly and arrogant it sounds but I thought of saying I’m rating them from 1 to 10 with 1 being good and 10 being super duper. I was thinking of naming my new book, “Greatest Poems of the Early 21th Century” and then mimicking an intro I saw for some collection of classic ugh poems of “Most Beloved Poems” or some such. But then I saw that someone got charged with fraud for promoting something under false claims. So I thought of saying, “Greatest poems of the 21th century according to a survey of my alter-egos.” That way it would be making no false claims.

      1. (giggling) I like the survey of alter egos…
        I’d still give a super duper 10 to each one of them. I don’t think you sound arrogant but if you are worried you might come off that way maybe you could call your book “The Best Poems Ever! (according to Dandegirl)” or “Greatest Poems Of the 21st century according to Dandegirl” It might make you sound more modest if someone else says that they’re the greatest and it wouldn’t be a false claim.

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