Speaking (Draft 1)

Speaking (Draft 1)

I could do that
I could do this
that you say is bliss

If it’s just a passing kiss
I could feel blessed a moment
under the bypass

But I fear knowing more
of your soaring complications

Could we be simple
could we be passionate
could we make love

could we be happy
could we be sappy
just because you
seem to know me

and I wouldn’t mind
to be shallow because
when I chatter aimlessly
I’m just trying to
massage you with words
because you are beautiful
when you listen to me

and I love to hear you
tell me everything

every ramble is divine
because something of you
speaks to me
even over tea
even in silence

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Speaking (Draft 1)

  1. I love this, it makes me feel all happy, warm and sunny despite the rainy day outside, it’s a perfect Sunday-lovin poem and it makes me wish you were here to snuggle up to. I love all the “could be” lines…I think i blushed a little at the making love part (but of course, i liked it!) and I’d love to be passionate, happy and sappy with you. I really don’t like complications anyway so just ‘simply being’ would be wonderful. The “massage you with words” is great, you can chatter to me anytime about anything, because I think your rambles are divine as well. Something of you speaks to me too, always has, ever since i first met you…

    1. I feel embarrassed a little because a lot of my stuff i don’t think is that good. I think I’m going to go through the poems I collected and rate them from 1-10 just to determine the order, but I’ll probably keep them all in the final collection — the order will just be scrambled. But the new batch from this year and last is a little different and I’m not that happy with it so maybe I’ll include a selection of old poems (2005 — wherever)… but anyway, thanks very much.

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