Rock (Draft 1)

Rock (Draft 1)

Do you see me in the sky
like a shooting star?

Sometimes I feel like a rock.
Don’t want to burn up with emotion

I have a notion that
you see me streaking

and can I crash to Earth
into your arms after
I’ve cooled a little
but not too much

— Douglas Gilbert


8 thoughts on “Rock (Draft 1)

  1. This is lovely, a wonderful way to begin the day…I’m going to be smiling every time i think about a comet today because of your poem. I like how you personified (is that the word I’m looking for?) the comet, not wanting to burn up with emotion and the streaking. Oh and of course i love the ending with the cooled a little but not too much…my arms are open wide!

    1. Thanks. I ran this off real quick and almost forgot about it. Yeah I think that’s the word. I’m still a little confused about when to use “personify” and when to use “anthropomorphize”.

    2. I’m not sure if there are other words that distinguish between “portraying an object or thing as a person” and “portraying a person as an object or thing.” A talking pen or a talking cracker seems different than a person being like a bird or comet and flying around. I guess it depends on whether the pen and cracker think they’re people. Or whether of not the person thinks they’re a bird or like a bird. I wonder if an English teacher would have to be a pen before trying to answer that. But how would I know which flying talking pens are English teachers — I might get the wrong answer if I chose the wrong one… I guess I could ask a chair if it didn’t run away on swift legs.

      1. (giggling) I love talking to you, I was a little stressed feeling but now I’m smiling and in a better mood just from reading your reply. I don’t know how to tell which flying talking pens are english teachers either, I suppose maybe we could try talking to them…and see which ones have the best grammar. I don’t know what I’d do if I tried to sit down and the chair took off running. I’d probably be pretty shocked. I’d probably rather be like a bird if I had my choice though, pens, chairs and crackers don’t sound as enjoyable. All of it sort of reminds me of stuff Alice would find in wonderland. Oh they have a new alice in wonderland tv show about to start, i’m actually kind of excited about it! I watched my favorite disney cartoon Alice not too long ago and I keep thinking of lines from the movie at weird times…
        i had forgotten all about “anthropomorphize” until you just mentioned it…we must not have studied that very much in english class and it just disappeared into the memory banks or something…

    3. Thanks. Oh, I hadn’t heard about a new Alice show. It sounds like it should be good. Maybe the meaning or purpose of the plot will become more clear if it’s new writing…

      1. Yeah, I think it looks like it’ll be good…It’s called Once Upon a Time In Wonderland…here’s a link to the site.
        There’s a little twenty minute video we watched. Alice was in love! I don’t wanna give away too much in case you want to watch it. But I think they are definitely going to add a lot in to the story that wasn’t in the other ones I’ve watched. I liked the other “Once upon a time” show they had on. I wonder if it’s the same writers? The other show was about all the fairy tale characters and they were all living in this town called story brooke but none of them remembered who they were until this spell was broken…

    4. Thanks. It’s a very good tease. I like that they’ve added themes and purpose — pursuit of Love. It’s a great improvement over Lewis Carroll which seemed to have no purpose except wandering through the wonders without direction. I liked how they switched the point-of-view historically sort of: People talk about Lewis Carroll telling a story to the girls, but this is Alice telling a story to us. Thursday on ABC — I should have no problem seeing it. It looks very good. Thanks.

      1. Oh you’re welcome. Yeah i like that they added that pursuit of love in there…it opens the door for all sorts of new adventures. I hope she finds her love.

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