Space Rocks (Draft 1)

Space Rocks (Draft 1)

I wish they’d stop explaining away
all the comets and meteors as
debunking rocks devoid of magic

There is streaking I
wish to make a wish upon
thinking of you as a star

The surprise rocks
seem to crash in Russia
and ooops we didn’t
see it coming
neither now nor Tunguska

I saw a shooting star
and it felt like you

I don’t mind surprises
if they are close magic

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Space Rocks (Draft 1)

  1. I love it! This is a great start to the day. I’ll still believe in the magic, even if it is scientifically proven un-magical. I never knew about Tunguska, i just looked it up, it said it flattened 80 million trees and would’ve measured 5.0 on the richter scale! Whoa! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that before. But of course our schools didn’t teach us much about other country’s history. Poor Russia, seems like they’ve got a couple bad surprise rocks. I loved the ending four lines and just so you know, you’re my favorite wish…

    1. Thanks. I need the encouragement. I’ve been having a hard time getting started on gathering up all my poems in one place and deciding on which ones are the best, because I want to put the best first — some people have no patience to read through until they find one they like. The poems are scattered around in wordpad files. I guess I should have just opened the same one file as I wrote new poems. At the time it seemed better to open a new wordpad file each time I wrote a new poem. Well and they’re all together here on this website except that it’s cluttered with revisions and other things. If I cut and paste from here there are some mix-ups, and if I cut and paste from there, their are mixups. I should have been more organized but too late… what should have been a joy is just tedious and I have to resist the urge to fix or revise something that was done in a better mood (and with better judgment) than now when I might do something foolish and ruin it. So probably I should tediously gather them without change as a starting point…. I’m putting them on an alphabetic list as I go along so I don’t get any duplicates because some were revised after a long period of time. So when I go to put one I’ve “found” on the list and see that it’s already there then I know I’ve already worked on it a while ago and stuck it in a collection of supposedly finished poems or something… it’s a real mess. I think paper and pen for all of them as I used to do would have been easier because I could scatter them across the floor and spot things… maybe not…

      1. Good luck on your organizing, it sounds very tedious but I’m sure you’ll get it all exactly how you want it eventually. I’ve never even gathered my poems into a book before, so i can only imagine how difficult and time consuming it must be, I wouldn’t even know where to start. For a while I saved everything in microsoft word files, but several computer crashes later i have none of those left anymore, but luckily most of those poems are saved in an email folder that i haven’t even looked at in forever. Lately i’ve just done all of my writing here on wordpress. So mostly between wordpress and my email I have them saved in a very disorganized jumbled up mess. Sometimes I miss writing in a journal with a pen…

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