Waiting (Draft 2)

Waiting (Draft 2)

I used to think that
the twitter of birds
was like laughter, but

I’m not falling for Fall anymore
don’t want to be
red-faced in autumn leaves
when the trees strip, and
my favorite birds migrate

You have gone far away, and
as I have no ticket to fly
it might as well be on a distant star

I will sing my blues
and wait for you
through the cold winter
without leaves

Oh I can’t wait for Spring to be
naked with you in the sun of Spring
when you can return from exile with feathers

’cause I
know that you
can be true

and spring
back to me

like budding possibilities
that blossom into silliness

and I can’t wait for Spring to laugh
can’t wait to sate our hunger

’cause I
know that you
can be true
and the winter is not forever

I saw you in the Fall
and I will see you in the rise
won’t it be a surprise
to be Summer love

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Waiting (Draft 2)

  1. This is great, i liked the “”red-faced in autumn leaves when the trees strip”, that part made me smile, and I liked the birds and feathers. The way you repeated “’cause I know that you can be true” reminded me of a song, very melodic. I liked the “sate our hunger” too, it fit perfectly. But overall i’d say this is really sad…it’s going to be a very long cold, lonely winter, again…

      1. I think i’d love your singing just the way it is, hey, I might even sing with you!
        We keep having fireballs falling visible to lots of people in our area (i haven’t personally seen them). There was one on Thursday morning, one yesterday evening around 8:30 and another one around 11:35. They all broke apart before they hit the ground, so no booms or anything. I just think it’s odd that there’s been so many lately…oh here’s a video of the one last night.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I’ve heard about the Perseid meteor showers where there are lots of them every year and I’ve thought of looking but then I thought I’ll just see a lot of streaks and if nothing comes close like the one in Russia that shook a lot of buildings where there were many injuries it won’t really amount to anything unless wishing on a shooting star is good luck. They’ve sort of explained away any charm or magic it might have.
          The video sort of looks like the Russian one but I haven’t heard of any major problems.
          I think they like talking about the known predictable ones. The major ones they didn’t see coming until it was too late to do anything. I seem to remember that they fussed about a bunch of comets and other things that missed us, and while they were fussing about the ones they were so proud to talk about, that one spectacular meteor exploded over Russia which they had no clue about.

      1. I know, it makes me nervous, they didn’t even see the Russian one coming…unless they knew it was coming and just didn’t tell anyone ’cause they didn’t want everyone to panic. Hopefully we don’t have any more big destructive ones headed our way. There’s a big comet named Ison that we’ll be able to see with the naked eye soon and they said it might even be brighter than the moon. I always find this sort of stuff really interesting. But if i start researching i run across all these doomsday type websites and videos and it makes me all paranoid.

        I still wish on the shooting stars. I figure it must be at least a little lucky since I was lucky enough to look up in time to see it. Maybe one day my wishes will come true and I’ll be like “See! They are magical!”

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