Falling of the Green (Draft 1)

Falling of the Green (Draft 1)

The tree drops the ego of the leaves
and dreams for the winter until it
springs back with arrogant beauty
naked in the sun of Spring, budding

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Falling of the Green (Draft 1)

  1. This makes me wish it were Spring already. I like the “springs back” and “naked in the sun of Spring”. It’s a good way to look at it, since the trees are waiting for their newly budded leaves to finish opening. I like the thought that they are dreaming during the winter…

    1. Thanks. I start so many things I can’t finish and they lead to a dead end. And then I wasted time trying to find the spelling of a word — I thought I had heard “to sait the appetite” and I couldn’t find it, only satiate which is not what I wanted. Finally I found a discussion where one of the people knew there was the word “sate”. Gee, I would have gone through the whole s section of the dictionary to find that one. I don’t know why I didn’t think about different ways to make that sound as in “ate”. Oh well, it should have been obvious I guess. But after all that it still didn’t come out as anything useful:

      Oh I can’t wait for Spring
      naked in the sun of Spring

      ’cause I
      know that you
      can be true

      and spring
      back to me

      like budding possibilities
      that blossom into silliness

      and I can’t wait for Spring to laugh
      can’t wait to sate our hunger

      ’cause I
      know that you
      can be true
      and the winter is not forever

      I saw you in the Fall
      and I will see you in the rise
      won’t it be a surprise
      to be Summer love

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