Lachrymal Nights (Draft 1)

Lachrymal Nights

You’ve made me write sad songs
’cause you don’t sing for me anymore

I try to believe you never really cried
never really screamed, and you
were just a character in a song

I imagine the laughing hyena
is sad sometimes, and
the minor bird doesn’t feel major

they all have a scream
they all have a cry

Is there any way these are
a cathartic dip in the mud
with a wash and dry, no

trying to be in the movie of life
without a stunt double
makes falling hurt so much
makes singing turn sour

Let them say
the cartoon version is
funny enough to
laugh and cry and hiccup

But I haven’t seen it yet

You’ve made me write sad songs
’cause you don’t sing for me anymore

— Douglas Gilbert

5 thoughts on “Lachrymal Nights (Draft 1)

  1. This is really good, it made me reflect and think about my own pains and about my scream and cry too. It’d be nice if it were like it is in a cartoon where it was just fake comical pain but it doesn’t really work like that unfortunately. I think it would be wonderful to have a stunt double in life, because i fell too hard and i cried so much i’m not even sure if I can cry anymore and it hurt so deeply that i distance myself from everything, even from things that once made me so happy, like singing, all because I just don’t want to cry anymore, but I’d like to sing beautifully again someday…

    1. Thanks. I really like how songs feel, but often I look up the lyrics and they’re so shallow, trite, and disappointing. Some day I’d like to write a shallow song that is very deep like standing in a puddle with a poodle and having noodle soup…

      1. (giggling) I’m not sure if poodles are very good at eating noodle soup. I asked Petals and she just wagged her tail, so i’m assuming that’s a yes? Odd that you would mention the poodles and noodles…we used to have a little white poodle named Polly and I’d sing little songs for her. One of the songs went “Paw Paw noodle she’s the barscoodle” (then repeat and you can add other ‘oodle’ sounding words if you want). I don’t know what a barscoodle is exactly…but it must be good because Polly loved the little song, she’d dance around and get all excited. I’ve always had this thing about singing silly little songs to my pets. I also come up with silly little nicknames for the people and/or pets closest to me, Polly was ‘Paw-Noodles’, Petals is “Petallis Puppis”. My grandma and grandpa used to raise poodles and sell them when I was a kid. We used to get to play with little poodle puppies all the time, they were so cute. Now that I’m thinking about my grandparents and we were talking about songs here’s another story – When I was really little my grandpa was a preacher at a Baptist Church and almost every Sunday I’d get up on stage and sing some little song…I still remember bits and pieces of the “Noah Arky” song and the “This little light of mine” song. Then I got a little older, and my shyness started kicking in and my parents didn’t leave me at my grandparent’s house as much over the weekends.

        Oh, sorry for my rambling on comment…(hehe)…hopefully you were entertained and not annoyed by my silliness.

    2.     I love your rambles. A Baptist Church is a great place to learn singing I’ve heard. I’ve thought of getting up early and going on the beach to practice singing, to try to teach myself how. I don’t seem to stay on key unless I’m focused and inspired and I seem to drift. And then I seem to have the octave curse: a song calls for going up one octave, but somehow I go up two octaves. The first note is mostly OK but then it’s way, way out of my range. I thought I was nuts until I saw something on TV about that. It was a common mistake that people make. If there’s something out your range you’re supposed to sing it one octave lower for ALL of the notes and if the song goes up one octave, just go up one and not two octaves.
          Was Polly a pet at a bar who noodled at the piano on a piano stool? Or did she jump up and down playing one note at a time? I imagine she could howl on key.

      1. (giggling) That’s a funny image to think about… I bet Polly was more of a jump up and down playing one note at a time type dog. The piano stool was probably further than she would’ve been able to reach (because of her small size)…

        Oh good, I’m glad you love them…after I read my posted reply I thought Oh my gosh…he probably thinks i’m ridiculous or something. I think the beach would be a good place to sing, I always liked the shower too. There must be something about water that sets the mood for singing? Although I like singing in the car when I’m driving sometimes and there’s no water there. I always wanted to do my morning yoga/stix-dance on the beach…but never got a chance to when I was on vacation. I always meant to set my alarm before sunrise and be out on the beach as it rose.
        That’s neat about the singing one octave lower, it makes sense though because when singing in a choir the songs have different notes for the sopranos and the altos and tenors and the bass – I think it was an octave step down (if i’m remembering right).

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