When The Meadow Speaks (Draft 1)

When The Meadow Speaks

There are rumbles in the world where
every blade of grass cries, and
as we run through it,
it tries to comb the hair of our sorrows

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “When The Meadow Speaks (Draft 1)

  1. This is so beautifully written but very sad. Even though it’s short it has a heavy weighted feeling that lingers on after reading. Are you ok? If there’s anything you’d like to talk about, I’m here…

  2. I think i know that meadow too – those rumbles go deep, straight into the heart and soul of the World. Combing through sorrows is hard and sometimes painful, like a tangled up knot is in hair, but fixing it is important, it’s much smoother when you’re finished combing…

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