Prayer for Sick Purple Finches

Prayer for Sick Purple Finches

Gather not at the Eastern feeder any longer.
Though you comfort me
I will let you go

The Vet told me not to feed you for now:
disperse and heal he says, for
the blue of you need a new venue

Listen to the wise old owl, Horace Greeley:
Go West young purple finch and friends,
disperse to the winds of joy
or walk through the bushes
like a hidden valley of endless safety

Even for an avian purple prose
there is salvation in the chirp-word

Follow the guiding chirps
of the mystery birds and
if you listen to
the flap of the Grand Eagle
it will comfort you,

Listen then carefully,
and my flighty travelers
you will not be afraid

and though I’ll miss you
I know you saw me
peeking at the feeder
with love

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Prayer for Sick Purple Finches

  1. When my finches get back maybe I can read them this poem. I’m sure they’ll love it too, if they’ll sit still and listen long enough. They really do comfort me, I’ve missed them a lot and felt bad when they’d show up looking for food and there was nothing there and the other day there was a dove just laying there under the empty feeder like it was waiting. I like the way guiding chirps and mystery birds sound together and I like “the flap of the Grand Eagle”. They really are cute little flighty travelers and I hope they’re all healed up and are back home soon ’cause I really do peek at the feeder with love…You sure do know how I am.

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