When the Beck Is Lost His Calling Is Too ( “Beck” Collection )

When the Beck Is Lost, His Calling is Too



The hands together are a beck to God
but He sees the wink too and
twinkles the stars with atmosphere

Save the Beck

Endangered words need saving
even more than eagles
because like domesticated turkeys
they can’t fly.
Save the “beck”.

Becky’s best beck
was more seductive than the Sirens
though she could sing when near enough.

With the curl of her fingers of grace, she could
make the come-hither beck
lengthen the touch
shorten the distance, could
have it be that
sheltered travel to her in a fantasy bubble
would seem instant, riding on
the wave of her wave
a sound.

Save the beck itself
and it’s noun, because
sometimes the rose needs a name;
for in an instant there’d be
only one sweet rose
whose incantation is needed
just as a song needs a note

and sometimes the object
is beautiful to contemplate
before the action beckons

The endangered beck
beckons its own demise
by falling into
the beck and call of cliché

The beck needs no call, ’cause
isn’t the rose beautiful
even when it can’t walk

Beck at the Table

Nobody knows what his beck means —
come to the table for dinner
or for slaughter?

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “When the Beck Is Lost His Calling Is Too ( “Beck” Collection )

  1. I like your Beck Collection. They’re all very different from one another even though they all elaborate on the same word. Poor endangered becks, drifting into the forgotten words section…Yes, save the beck! I think people should start using a wider variety of words when the speak. It’d make things a little more interesting. Seems like everyone uses the same words over and over…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I’m wandering around making invisible gestures of the mind. Some of those old obscure Latin Phrases are interesting not so much in what they mean now but where they come from. Like “Carpe Diem” which is translated as “Seize the day”. But it’s more like grasp the day because it’s related to the bones of the hand. So I like to say that the real translation is “Finger the Day”.

      1. “Finger the Day” (giggling) Ummm…that made my mind go off in a totally different direction than i was expecting right there at the end of your reply. But it does make sense when you look at the literal translation.
        I’ve always liked the old latin phrases and artwork. I took Latin for two years in high school, but now only remember a little bit…

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