The Worry Dance (Draft 1)

The Worry Dance (Draft 1)

Don’t worry,
I loved you long before
you did your video

And when I look in your eyes
your virgin dance for me
is new and nude of pretense
just for my loving eyes
and the rest of me
why not

You know me enough
to enjoy my nude soul

And there are
private thoughts that let go
and envelope the dance of nude intimacy

— Douglas Gilbert

17 thoughts on “The Worry Dance (Draft 1)

  1. Is this one also inspired by the blurred lines video? I liked this stanza:
    “And when I look in your eyes
    your virgin dance for me
    is new and nude of pretense
    just for my loving eyes
    and the rest of me
    why not”
    The new and nude of pretense sounds good together. I like to imagine that when real love is finally celebrated that it will be like the very first time, erasing any previous wounds and heartaches. Like finally achieving peace…
    I think your nude soul is beautiful.

    1. Well, I don’t know if I’d say “inspired” by it; maybe more like “provoked” by it. Maybe I’m getting it all wrong but the weird parts of it seem to be praising the Pimp and his prowess. The new guy, who seems just as bad as the old guy that he talks about: “You don’t need no papers, That man is not your maker” seems to be saying that the she’s an illegal alien that he took advantage of and addicted to drugs…. There just seems to be a lot of dark implications. Many years ago I read a study that said that many prostitutes thought that they loved their Pimps and dreamed of owning a boutique financed with their earnings and they wanted to be independent business women. They had such glorious dreams and had it not been for the perversion of the pimps, they might have taken their money and made a business, because they knew women and fashion, but somehow their money always disappeared. None of this makes any sense to me because like flowers women are so beautiful and who, who is not insane would want to harm them. Who is it who can not laugh, who can not cry, who doesn’t admire the blossom and the giggle. There is the gruff vanity and then there is the sweet treat that is creation.

      1. I read the lyrics again and it could also mean she was engaged or close to getting married and broke it off. What do you think?
        “Ok, now he was close
        Tried to domesticate you
        But you’re an animal
        Baby, it’s in your nature
        Just let me liberate you
        You don’t need no papers
        That man is not your maker”
        You do have to get a marriage license and pretty much a legal marriage through the eyes of the government is “just papers” as some people say. I knew a couple who were together for years and considered themselves married even though the state didn’t recognize because they had never done the paperwork. Maybe this song is more about him being able to steal her away from her man? Although it does talk about pimping and drugs later on in the song. But sometimes men use that term loosely trying to sound like they’re hot stuff or something, because they aren’t literally out there trying to make actual prostitutes out of women but they do get around and have sex with lots of different women. All of it’s a little disturbing though, even if it’s not technically about prostitution it’s still about just having sex with whoever…it’s like love doesn’t even matter anymore to so many people. I don’t need or want lots of lovers…i just want to find my one and only and i want to be cherished in return, to be someone’s one and only.

        On a side note – i just got a new laptop (yay! my other one was pretty bad)but i keep somehow accidentally changing the font size when i drag my finger across the mouse pad. If i’m not making it super huge, then i’m accidentally making it tiny. I can’t figure out how i’m even doing it or how to make it stop doing it. But i typed it into google and if i press alt i can get the menu and go to ‘view’ and reset it back to its original settings…it’s just a minor annoyance.

    2. Oh God, I’m sorry. Sometimes I’m so analytical that I wonder if I’m on the edge of being either pathological or loving. This is like an autistic dilemma: analysis is King but I’d rather just feel loved because social things I don’t understand at all feel like the joy that no one was willing to give me and that I deserve because sometimes I am alive and not caring about meaning, and just want to feel welcome.

      1. You don’t need to apologize, i love your analytical side as well as your emotional side, the two compliment one another perfectly, i think you’re brilliant!
        Those are very dark implications and horrible situations though. I suppose people in those situations fall victim to some bad people and become addicted to drugs and can’t seem to find a way out of that life…It’s very sad. Usually the type of woman who would agree to be a prostitute (even if she thought she loved her pimp), already has some bad issues going on though…
        I would give you joy and love if you were here (blows you a kiss) oh and you’re always welcome with me…

    3. You have a good point. It could be marriage papers. I’m not up to date on the evolution of slang. Yeah, I can see how there might be a very casual use of the word Pimping — bragging about “my harem of women at my beck and call. ” “Hey, my friend Charlie, I’ll share one of my women with you, and I know she’ll like you ’cause I told her ’bout you…” I have no idea about that, but I suppose… hmm, I know it was said that the Eskimo’s shared their wives — a little blubber tea and she… cultures are so wildly different that one wonders what is basic human nature and what is the random cultural perversion of drifting and evolving history. Maybe people remember too much history and assume that wherever it drifts is good. Maybe history allows for an accumulation of misunderstanding because nothing is ever precisely explained and errors accumulate.

    4. Hooray for a new laptop. You don’t have to worry any more about that finicky connecting wire when you open and close it. Well that’s something.
          Well, I do know that on my desktop computer, if I hold down the CTRL key and at the same time turn the scroll wheel on my mouse that it changes the font size. So it sounds like somehow you’re doing the equivalent thing.

    5. Yeah, I just saw some people speculating about the same problem on their laptops and some said it sounds like a sticky Ctrl key (two of them). They had some other ideas and other people said ,”oh no you’re wrong” so these forums are probably not reliable, But the answer about the Ctrl key rang a bell because of the way my desktop does it.

    6. OH : it could be “pinch zooming”. Apparently some lap tops have a feature where if you bring two fingers together you’re telling it to make smaller and if you spread two fingers you’re tell it to make larger. I have no idea if you have these features but maybe you have to watch out for spreading or pinching those fingers… Geez, they have a lot of forums —
      I looked with Google for “how to change font size on laptop with scroll” and there were a whole bunch of people complaining about it. They seem to have different forums for different brands.

      1. Oh thank you, that was very informative. Now i know what happened and i can stop inadvertently activating the zoom features. Or if i do, at least i know how to fix it relatively quickly. New computers take some time to get used to…

      2. i just went back to that link again, trying to figure out what I’m doing on this computer because i thought it might be able to help but it didn’t elaborate into other mouse pad issues. The newest annoyance on this computer is that i’m somehow switching my screen/window at weird times. Like: I’ll be on wordpress reading your poems, then i’ll move my finger across the mouse it’ll switch it into ‘my pictures’ or the ’email’ or one of the other windows 8 start page weirdness app things. I don’t know. It’s aggravating I like this computer but I can’t get used to these weird mouse settings. I feel like i need to hire a tutor or something…

    7. Hmmm, that is weird. I don’t know what your style of learning is, but I think they probably have books on Windows 8 that you could read at your leisure. Well, I guess I shouldn’t talk because I bought a book on Windows 7 and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. It’s called “Windows 7, the missing manual — The book that should have been in the box”… There’s probably books for Windows 8. But it is kind of annoying — I remember that Windows 98 came with an instruction book (Although I did buy a couple of other books at the bookstore. Now, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a bookstore anymore or just tiny ruins of one)

      1. Yeah, I don’t know why they can’t just include a real manual with things, it’s kind of annoying…I mean, computers aren’t cheap. I didn’t buy a real expensive one but I feel like I spent enough to deserve a book on how to work it included in the purchase price.

    8. I don’t know if this will make any sense to you but..

      “[The Touchpad Or Mouse Is Making You Crazy, Right?

      Windows 8 was designed for touchscreen interfaces, and it works pretty well when you are manipulating items on the screen. Microsoft even built in some gestures you can use that help navigate quicker and more efficiently with touch. Unfortunately, they don’t translate well to the mouse or touchpad. For example, if you swipe from the left edge of the touchpad, it automatically switches to another open application. So you’re trying to move the cursor over something on the far left edge of a web page when suddenly Microsoft Excel pops up, that’s what’s going on – UGHHHHH! Equally frustrating – if you swipe from the right side of the touchpad, your movement brings the charms bar onto the page. Equally UGHHHHH!

      Fortunately, you can disable this gesture. From the desktop hit Windows + I, Change PC settings, General, Turn off the button for “When I swipe from the left edge, switch directly to my most recent app.”]”

      1. Oh my gosh! I think it’s fixed. Thank you, thank you! I actually searched for that and didn’t come up with anything. I don’t think I’m a very good searcher, I never seem to find what I set out to find.

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