Save the Beck (Draft 1)

Save the Beck (Draft 1)

Endangered words need saving
even more than eagles
because like domesticated turkeys
they can’t fly.
Save the “beck”.

Becky’s best beck
was more seductive than the Sirens
though she could sing when near enough.

With the curl of her fingers of grace, she could
make the come-hither beck
lengthen the touch
shorten the distance, could
have it be that
sheltered travel to her in a fantasy bubble
would seem instant, riding on
the wave of her wave
a sound.

Save the beck itself
and it’s noun, because
sometimes the rose needs a name;
for in an instant there’d be
only one sweet rose
whose incantation is needed
just as a song needs a note

and sometimes the object
is beautiful to contemplate
before the action beckons

The endangered beck
beckons its own demise
by falling into
the beck and call of cliché

The beck needs no call, ’cause
isn’t the rose beautiful
even when it can’t walk

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Save the Beck (Draft 1)

  1. Oh yes, Save The Beck! I liked the beginning with the turkeys…i would’ve never thought to compare turkeys, eagles and beck, but you did and it works wonderfully. Becky should give lessons on how to beck better and I agree…the rose is beautiful, even when it can’t walk…that reminds me, i still haven’t gotten a rose bush. I’ve been wanting one for a while…maybe next spring.

    1. Maybe i don’t have to wait? I just found out that the fall is a great time to plant roses. I kept thinking about it and decided to look it up and i read that the fall is the best time because it gives them the rest of the year to root and strengthen. hmm…makes sense to me. I suppose Spring isn’t the only time to plant…

    2. Thanks. Oh yes, I’m not quite sure why the rose is such an enduring symbol through history. I’ve seen them as gifts and I wouldn’t mind seeing the joy that someone gets in receiving them — they always do look so happy at the symbol and thought. But then, odd as it might seem, when I saw that you wanted a real rose bush, I worried in my imagination that you might prick your finger on a thorn and I hoped that you’d wear those gloves that I see in the movies, though strangely in the typical movie the guy villain wears gloves and raises flowers but loves to kill. Hmm, yeah, I just thought about that: it’s a very odd theme: guys who raise roses and love flowers are evil and hate people, but Ladies who raise rose bushes are elegant Lady Detectives. The symbolism with roses is hard to understand… I think I need a Rose Symbolism Manual…

      1. Yeah, i think i need an all around, every subject symbolism manual – it’d probably come in handy for all sorts of writing projects. But a rose one would probably be especially helpful since it sounds like rose symbolism might mean different things depending on what sex you are. But i’m pretty sure that red roses are supposed to be romantic when you give them as a gift…at least on valentine’s day they seems to be a popular gift. Don’t worry though, if i ever get a rose bush i’ll make sure to wear my gardening gloves…i have a couple pairs that should help, even if they’re getting kind of worn out. Oh wait, now that i think about it, my gloves are just a thick cloth fabric. I wonder if they’ll be enough to keep the thorns from sticking through? Sometimes when i’m working in the flower bed and planting new flowers i’ll take the gloves off and just massage the soil for a bit before i put the plant down in the hole. It feels so nice…almost therapeutic in an odd way, soothing…and i like to imagine that it feels nice to the earth too.

    3. Hooray, yes! It appears that you can plant your roses in the fall. It’s wonderful to be able to see things grow. It sounds exciting that you can get what you always wanted… And the roses will be pleased too because you will love them… Yes, a bush in the fall is better than a bird in hand — let the birds stay in the bush [“A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”] But don’t worry: I’m pretty sure that chickens will not hang out in rose bushes.

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