Waving Hello (Draft 1)

Waving Hello (Draft 1)

Maybe a wave…

I imagined many times I’d
call her across the scenario, though

it didn’t seem real as I
wandered in the meadow

but when I looked up
from the grass I contemplated
I saw her beck,
and when I came closer
she kissed me

The gesture seemed clear, and
we were so close that
there was no need to call out,
only a need to call in.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Waving Hello (Draft 1)

  1. I love it. Especially the ending with the call out and call in. You are always so good with the wordplay. I always loved the saying “at your beck and call” even though it’s not something you hear that often anymore. Sometimes i imagine some pretty great things when i dance in the grassy meadow, and it makes me dream of better days. Oh, I like the kiss part…sounds very romantic.
    At your beck and call…

    1. Thanks very much. oh gee, I find these words as they are about to go out of existence. It’s a bad sign when a word only appears in a phrase and never alone. But wait, don’t go yet… there’s still Becky’s best beck, and she’s not even Italian. Gee, I’ve just begun to notice all these orphan word forms — I mean the verb form can be active and yet the noun form is disappearing and vice versa. There’s probably a lot of others… I wonder how I could start a crusade to save “beck”. Everyone should bring home the beckon and the beck. The beck of the bird is in the beak I would think — no that’s really so, but it seems like a song could be a mere gesture prelude to a playful peck on the neck on the deck… and a deck of cards makes for a house of cards or something… save the beck as a gesture to peace — an endangered word is a terrible thing to waste….

      1. You’re welcome – I love your reply too…it’s like a tongue twister, I’m getting ready to get into bed but i bet i’ll be at your beck and call in my best dreams. (hehe) umm, well i’m not as good with the words as you…a little awkward but i was trying…i’m getting sleepy. I liked ‘a playful peck on the neck on the deck’ and you’re right, and endangered word is a terrible thing to waste. I looked it up and it said it’s also a mountain stream. So next time i’m out hiking and see a stream, i’m going to call it a beck. I’ll be like “Oops, i dropped my granola bar in the beck” or “Hey, do you think it’s safe to drink from that beck?” or something like that…Then maybe some other hikers will hear me and will start calling them becks too. There’s still hope for beck yet!

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