Rainbow (draft 1)

Rainbow (Draft 1)

What will I do that’s better than the sun,
something in a rosy mood of you who
loves the ephemeral but

I don’t feel like your favorite sunrise
because I am the blue of the rainbow
and can not be as radiant as all the colors

But I think you like my one
particular color, because
I feel like
I belong to sunshine

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Rainbow (draft 1)

  1. Beautiful, I love this one…and i love your particular color and i think you’re even more radiant than the others. I like the ending line, ‘i feel like i belong to sunshine’. I do too…i love the sun and was pretty much obsessed with it as a kid, doodled it constantly…maybe i’ll go into that more later.
    I’m a little blue lately myself, i wish i’d found this yesterday when it says you posted it. It wasn’t showing up in the reader for some reason, i was even on here one last time before i went to bed and it wasn’t showing but i really could have used this beautiful little poem after the day i had of arguing with a trumpet seller.

    1. Thanks… Well, at least you didn’t run into the con artist who sells the “76 trombones for the big parade”. I don’t know if that applies because I never actually saw “The Music Man”.
          Well I’m glad you like it because now maybe I have the courage to post my next one [well actually, I already did and even though I was supposed to post this message first, I wanted to hurry and get that over with. So I’m out of order… But I thought it first and typing in order is a different thing]

    2. I’m sorry you’re blue but it’s a nice color and I like the blues as a musical thing. I wish I could write such music, because it seems like it might be cathartic.

      1. I’m sorry you’re blue too, I wonder what hue we’d be together? (giggle)…yeah, i know. Pretty lame attempt at some flirtatious humor huh? Maybe we’d be a lovely shade of purple though…that would be nice.
        Maybe the lady trumpet seller was taking lessons from the con artist from the music man? In the ebay ad she only mentioned “minute scratches”. Doesn’t say anything about dings or dents or anything. Well when the trumpet arrives it’s got several dings in it and lots of scratches that are pretty deep, not super deep ones but kind of wide and all the way through the laquer, it was enough that I felt like I should say something about it. I was really just expecting her to be like “Oh, sorry i didn’t mention that, it was my kids trumpet and i don’t know much about them so i didn’t think it was a big deal” or something along those lines, some random apology. And then i probably would’ve been like “It’s ok, i understand, i got a pretty good deal on it anyway”. But she comes back and tries to say we put the dings in it and that WE were trying to rip her off – which is completely untrue and insulting, so that’s when i got upset. Long story short she ended up giving a partial refund. The trumpet will be fine for beginner 1st year band…

    3. Oh good, a triumph over trumpets, and you get to trumpet a good deal. I think she must be from Australia because she tried to say that the dingo made the dings and I’m pretty sure you don’t have any dingoes in your neighborhood… they should have a public service announcement: “Kids, wear a helmet, and don’t put your trumpet on your skateboard if you’re going to text message.”

  2. But, even though I didn’t find it yesterday, it was a wonderful way to begin my day this morning…
    Yes, i think today is off to a much better start.

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