Imaginary Songs (Draft 2)

Imaginary Songs (Draft 2)

I don’t know why the frog imagines it can sing like a bird —
too ambitious, and I don’t know why

the bird imagines it can catch flies
as well as a long-tongued frog

It seems like they’d
rather speak if they could
than eat worms and flies
because one endures a swampy storm in the sky
with flying tornado hamburgers, and

the other awaits a flying chocolate-ant optimism
about flying lily pad carpets

— Douglas Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Imaginary Songs (Draft 2)

  1. I didn’t realize that some birds do catch flies with their tongues though not as long as the frog. So I think I fixed it while keeping the theme.

    1. I love it…Yeah, i think they would rather speak if they could. It definitely sounds better than worms or flies if you ask me. I think you did a great job fixing it. I never knew that some birds had tongues that worked like that. I guess i just thought they caught the bugs with their beaks. hmm for being one of my favorite creatures i suppose i don’t know enough about them. I do know that my neighborhood birds are well fed. They ate 40 pounds of bird food in a little over a week…hungry little ones huh?? OK i typed birds catching insects with their tongues in google search and found a neat page. It’s about a woodpecker and his amazing tongue. It says: “In some woodpeckers the tongue is so long it forks in the throat, goes below the base of the jaw, and wraps behind and over the top of the head, where the forks rejoin and insert in the bird’s right nostril (below left) or around the eye socket.” Ummm…wow! That’s pretty amazing, look at the picture of him sticking his tongue out. I have a woodpecker like that who comes to my feeder. It’s really not made for woodpeckers but he hangs from it by his feet with his body going up under the feeder and his head at eye level with the food and he sticks his whole beak up into the area where the food comes out.

      1. Thanks. Wow, 40 pounds. I’m not sure of the number, but I think I heard once that birds eat 5 times their own weight. So that would be like a 150 pound man eating 750 pounds of food a day. Yeah, and even if it was only bird seed, it would still be a lot of calories. I think they were making the point that flying takes a lot of energy and consequently calories. But it was some over-dramatized splash in the media a long time ago and probably vague and distorted.
            But, I’m thinking after reading that Hilton Pond article that maybe the woodpecker is actually sticking its tongue up and into the feeder and eating most of the food…

      2. Oh wait, maybe it’s not the same woodpecker that you see each time you look…. maybe it’s thousands of woodpeckers taking turns… I hope they don’t become like domesticated turkeys who are so fat that they can’t fly anymore — that would sort of defeat the purpose; yeah, maybe there’s woodpecker neurosis like people: eating for anxiety and pleasure rather than for functioning. It could be that some woodpeckers are artists: they eat to make their pecking songs and not to function in the bird mainstream — their agents keep directing them to bird feeders instead of letting them eat grubs. Hmm, Dr. Woody corrupting his singing star with birdseed fixes so he can sleep for the next performance… oh yes,those agents can be grubby..

  2. (giggling) Yep, those agents can be grubby! They really should be careful though we don’t want our artist woodpeckers to develop eating disorders, they’re beautiful just the way they are. I’m pretty sure that the birdseed isn’t the woodpeckers favorite food though because I only see them on the feeder every once and while compared to the other birds. Maybe they couldn’t find many grubs to grub on, on the days they come to the feeder, hehe. They really love it when i buy the suet block treats to put in the cage feeder. I think the cage feeder is easier for them to hang from to eat. Yesterday I bought them a I wonder if the other birds mind that the woodpecker is sticking its tongue up into the feeder and probably touching all the seeds with it? I’d be a little concerned if i was in a restaurant and saw someone at the dessert counter touching their tongue to all the different types of pie…i think i’d skip dessert! But I’m pretty sure that every bird in town knows about my feeder now and stops through at least once a day to eat. How else would they eat that much food?? I fill the feeder every day and the bird bath is a mess. I rinse it out and fill it with fresh water every day but i need to do a thorough cleaning. I was just looking up how to do it safely.

    1. ha…i was just reading my comment, looks i trailed off on my thought and forgot to finish it! I was going to say Yesterday I bought them a suet block with cherries in it. I wonder where the rest of my sentence went, i was sure i typed that…

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