Ut Oh this might be a duplicate (Imaginary Songs [Draft 1]

Imaginary Songs (Draft 1)

I don’t know why the frog imagines it can sing like a bird —
too ambitious, and I don’t know why

the bird imagines it can catch flies
with its tongue, though can’t

It seems like they’d
rather speak if they could
than eat worms and flies
because one endures a swampy storm in the sky
with flying tornado hamburgers, and

the other a flying chocolate-ant optimism
about flying lily pad carpets

— Douglas Gilbert


11 thoughts on “Ut Oh this might be a duplicate (Imaginary Songs [Draft 1]

  1. I guess it didn’t go through the first time. I don’t see another one. I hope it’s not a bad omen like I shouldn’t be posting it. Geez, I never know…

    1. I don’t think it’s a bad omen…maybe wordpress was just sleepy and wasn’t paying attention or something. Great poem, it made me giggle, especially imagining the birds trying to catch flies with their tongues. The frogs are a musical bunch too, it sounds like their calling across the pond to one another and when you get a bunch of them croaking all at once it can sound musical and although their croaks aren’t nearly as lovely as the bird’s songs it does seem like they’re really putting some effort into it. I’m trying to remember what cartoon it was where there were some frogs singing and dancing…i just can’t think of which one it was. Flying tornado hamburgers and chocolate ant optimism…and flying lily pad carpets…love it! Oh the tornado hamburgers makes me think of this movie i recorded for my son and i to watch. We love the cheesy sci-fi movies that are more comical than they are scary because of the unbelievable factor. Well the new movie is called Sharknado. It’s a tornado filled with sharks. The last one we watched was something like super gator vs dino croc…that was pretty entertaining too..hehe.

      1. Thanks. It’s very helpful to hear that the humor works. It’s very hard for me to tell when I’m reading it to myself. It’s odd but when I’m composing odd things I rarely laugh, but sometimes a lot later when I can pretend that someone else wrote it and read it as if it were new then I do laugh. Sometimes one that is many years old I can read and ask,”Who wrote that,” and then check and see that I did.
            Oh yeah, I heard about Sharknado, it looks very funny. I’ve heard about cows caught in tornados, but sharks sounds a lot better.

      1. Wow. Hmm, I wonder what they would call that. I suppose if his natural voice is extra low, they’d call that falsetto for frogs but in human terms it’s not that high so it would only be tenor. I’m not sure what the frog world standards are.

  2. You’re welcome, I always love your humor. I just deleted a bunch of awful old drafts. I looked at a couple and was like “Did i really write that??”. The ones I looked at were embarrassing, horrible first drafts or whiny ramblings that weren’t even good enough to actually make it into a real poem and get out of the drafts folder.
    Personally, I was amazed at the way the frog was able to articulate his words…very precise and with such a robust sound. I guess i never imagined that frogs would know the english language so well. I agree though, by human terms he’d be a tenor. A falsetto in frog world standards, hehe…
    In the commercial I saw for Sharknado, the sharks kept biting even though they’re flying around in the air. It looks great, i can’t wait to watch it, we may get around to it this evening. I’m thinking about going swimming for a little while at my parent’s house…it’s nice and sunny today.

    1. Sorry about those old drafts — I’ve had billions of them and I thought what could I have been thinking. Well, anyway, your ramblings here are always interesting, maybe not worthy of a Pulitzer Prize initially but usually a beginning point and often an inspiration for me. It is wonderful to go swimming without a shark. When it’s very quiet it’s amazing how one can here the sound of the sparkling water as one swims– the flow of the water is a wonderful sound.

      1. Well i’m happy to inspire…thank you! Yeah i liked observing the way the waves push and pull, they move in a natural sway…it’s really rhythmic almost like a dance. Of course the swimming pool isn’t the same as the ocean but we do make “whirlpools” sometimes. We went swimming today for a little while, then i had to take Petals to the vet. She needed her rabies shot but a few hours after it she had an allergic reaction…her face started swelling so i called the vet’s office and the Dr. on-call told me to give her one benadryl. Well i did that but she also was sick to her stomach and i’m worried about her. I just gave her another benadryl, i’m just hoping she’s going to be ok…it’s bed time but i don’t think i’m going to sleep very well…

    2. I hope Petals feels better. I’ve heard about people when they need to get a rabies shot can have an allergic reaction. I think it depends on what animal tissue is used to grow the rabies virus to make the vaccine. I think that nowadays they have several different versions and that for people the rabies vaccine has gotten better and less painful. I remember that a long time ago, when someone was attacked by an animal that they used to try to do an investigation to find it and determine if it had rabies because in those days, supposedly, the rabies shoots for people were painful — something about several shots in the stomach. But nowadays they say that it’s not so bad. Hmm, yeah, I always wondered about that: rabies vaccine is routine for dogs but not for people unless they were bitten — I don’t know, maybe it’s routine for forest rangers and vets… I mean human forest rangers and vets; not Smokey the Bear who wanders around and does so many commercials in the woods that he’s in danger of being bitten by a rabid raccoon.

      1. Well, good news, she seems to be doing better this morning. Still a little swollen but not nearly as bad as she was last night. I got up at 3:00 and gave her a benadryl and i just gave her another one and i’m going to see if my mom can come over in a few hours and give her another one while i’m at work. Hopefully she’ll be back to normal soon. Yeah, I’ve heard about the rabies shots for people…I think it was something like 5 shots in the stomach. Ouch! I think rabies used to be a lot more common before there was a vaccine, especially if you lived out in the country where there was more of a chance of your dog running into wild animals. Petals isn’t running into many rabid creatures in the living room…hehe. Oh, i love Smokey the bear! What was it he said? “Only you can prevent forest fires”?

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