Dahlia (Draft 1)

Dahlia (Draft 1)

Success is exciting to share,
newest growth of blossom from afar

I love translating her messages when I wake up in a foreign land:
she said her newest Dahlia flower was so pretty in the morning,
my favorite blue sky color in the background, and I thought

so pretty in the morning if she swirls around the innermost petals,
has an epiphany about the yellow middle of a Dahlia sun, and if
while I’m away, she takes a soapy long shower, listens
to the birds I’ve sent to chatter with her until I’m back,
pampers herself like she deserves, puts on some makeup,
looks at herself in the mirror and thinks of me as present
in the chirpy birds and wavy flowers of the day, or
at least I imagine she’s an extrapolation-ist, because
I imagine much about soft things and I think she knows
that certain bees don’t sting if I sent them

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Dahlia (Draft 1)

  1. I love it…your poetic Dahlia is even more beautiful than the one i grew! I like the word ‘extrapolation-ist’…and I like that you imagine much about soft things. You know, i did see a few bees while I was outside and none of them stung me and the chirpy bird songs were very lovely…

    1. Thanks. I don’t know why the frog imagines it can sing like a bird — too ambitious, and I don’t know why the bird imagines it can catch flies with its tongue. It seems like they’d rather speak if they could than eat because there can be a swampy storm in the sky and flying optimism above the flying lily pad carpets…almost a theme

    2. Ooops. I drifted off a little. I’m glad you could enjoy my extrapolations. Thanks. It’s great that you were able to grow it. They say it’s a difficult plant to grow, especially in fickle climates.

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