Marching Into A Wall (Draft 1)

Marching Into a Wall (Draft 1)

When death marches into us
it’s like walking the wrong way in a parade

you can crash into a hearty marcher,
sometimes get hit by a drumstick
or by a slice of pizza

Sometimes you
crash into an enveloping bass tuba
a little too base for a cornucopia, and

some of those who
look like angels will
hit you with a baton

The beat of the drums
is a blast that doesn’t last,
and everyone knows
you’re going the wrong way.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Marching Into A Wall (Draft 1)

  1. Death sounds completely awkward and embarrassing if it’s like marching the wrong way into a parade. And although this is a serious subject the getting hit with a baton part made me giggle a little.
    I have to admit though, that i do have this fear that i’ll die, having never known real (romantic type) love, just stuck in the lonely emptiness forever.
    RIght now I’m trying to find a trumpet for my son…that’s what instrument he picked to play in school band. I’ve been looking on Ebay but i think i might go look at some of the local music stores. Finding a good quality used one would probably be better than renting it and paying 30.00 a month…at least i could resell it in the future if he decided he didn’t want to continue playing.

    1. Thanks, I always like to hear you laugh.
          I do like hearing you trumpet your son. Wow, $30.00 a month. It does seem like buying would be better if he plays for two years. And even if you can’t resell it you could learn to blow it just enough so that you start a race with it or trumpet a cause. I think I heard that you have to learn to stretch you lips to form like a vibrating reed because unlike the reed instruments it has no reed. It seems worthwhile to develop good lips.

      1. Yeah renting seems expensive, especially when you don’t get to keep it after all you paid into it unless you pay it off the rest of the way and with a brand new trumpet that would be a lot. But i’m glad he wants to play, I think it’ll teach him a lot musically even if he doesn’t stick with it forever. I learned a lot about rhythm and beats and how to read sheet music etc when i played saxophone in 6th grade, i only quit because i wanted to join choir. The band came to his school and out of all the instruments he had it narrowed down to Tuba, Trombone and Trumpet. Then we had to go to a meeting after school where he got to try them out and the trumpet won. He even seemed to have a knack for it already and made a nice solid (loud) trumpet blast.

    2. That’s great. A lot can be done with it. Lot’s of opportunities for modulating the sound for all different styles of music from traditional brass to blues and jazz. It can be a super expressive instrument and can sound like a voice, a happiness, a sorrow and a joy. Yeah, what a blast…

      1. Yeah, i’ve heard the trumpet played lots of different ways too but i’ve always loved the sound of it…i might have to get a pair of ear plugs though for when he’s first learning…hehe. Oh, i went and found that paper again about the rental. Turns out I was wrong, it’s actually $36.00 a month to rent – geez…wish me luck, i hope i find a nice used one to buy.

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